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One Bad Apple

I’m normally an advocate for fighting the good fight against the tyranny of pants, but every once in a while a truce needs to be made because of cute billowy tops from Disneyland that just look better with… well… pants. My disdain for pants is kind of funny though because for the longest time I refused to wear dresses, skirts, and even shorts. I’d wear a dress for special occasions, but it was always begrudgingly. I was all about pants. Pants. Pants. Pants! Specifically bootcut or flared pants — not like JNCO flared though. Good grief! I still don’t understand how those were ever in style nor their quizzical comeback this year. I just feel a lot better when I’m wearing a pretty dress or skirt. They’re much more freeing than pants, and with dresses I can just throw a cardigan and belt on and call it a day. When I wear pants I feel like my thighs are completely on display which is just no bueno. Like every other human being, I’m insecure about parts of my body — my thighs being one of them. But they’re slimming down, slowly but surely. I think my calves are looking rather fantastic thanks to kickboxing though!

For this outfit, I went all out with my Snow White gear. I remember seeing this striped tank featuring art by Michelle Romo when I went to Disneyland back in January, and my responsible decision to not buy it haunted me for months! But now it’s mine!!! Thank goodness I had enough Disney Dream Dollars on my rewards card to buy it when I went to Disneyland a few weeks ago. I paired it with my Evil Queen locket necklace from the Walt Disney Family Museum, poison apple brooch from Poison of Choice, and my black tote with some Snow White flair on it. I actually haven’t had a chance to wear these black wedges out yet besides for these outfit pictures (I was originally wearing red ballet flats). But look at them! Aren’t they super fancy and fierce? They’re not the type of style I would usually be drawn to, but I tried them on for funsies and they just made me feel so badass. Sometimes when I see them on my shoe rack I giggle a little bit because I bought them on a particular trip to TJMaxx that was intended to be for baby shower present purposes. I left TJMaxx that day with just the shoes… whoops. >_<

I hope all you ponies have a great Sunday! Game of Thrones is back on tonight!!! And another episode of Mad Men! AHH! So much good TV is happening today! ALL THE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cardigan: Xhileration // top: WonderGround Gallery
hair flower: Icing // glasses: ModCloth (buy here)
necklace: Walt Disney Family Museum // tote: Forever 21
brooch: Poison of Choice (buy here)
Angst Gang badge: Stay Home Club (buy here)
pants: Simply Vera // wedges: Blowfish Shoes

8 thoughts on “One Bad Apple

  1. This outfit is super cute, and, you look adorable!
    OMG! You said JNCO! heehee! I haven’t seen them since High School (which was a LONG time ago!) I didn’t know they still made them (Raver-jeans/pants back then)!


  2. You look great! I’m pretty anti-pants, too. As a bigger girl who’s also really short I just find it too hard to find the “perfect” fitting pair. Everything’s always too long or too small in one area while too big in another…so I gave up hahah. Dresses make me feel prettier anyway! Your jeans look so nice, though. Makes me want to check out the Simply Vera jeans. Those are at Kohl’s, right?


    1. Yeah, pants are ridiculous and hard to shop for! It’s like “why bother?” I feel a lot prettier in dresses too! And yes, the Simply Vera line can be found at Kohl’s. The pants I’m wearing are really comfy and stretchy, so they don’t make you feel all gross. They basically feel like pajama pants to me 😀


  3. THIS OUTFIT. IT’S AMAZING! I love Snow White. ♥ I love pants, too. I’m like you were – I hate wearing dresses and skirts, they’re so impractical for me, haha. I need my do-anything-in pants. Flared jeans and leggings, oh yes.

    I love your pins and keychain – I collect both!


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