3 Things That Make Me Say “Weeeee!”

Okay, so maybe these three things I’m about to talk about don’t necessarily make me say, “Weeee!” out loud, but they do have the capacity to put a smile on my face, literally make me LoL, or just make me happy in general — therefore, they have a certain “weee!” factor.


ANDRIODS FINALLY HAVE INSTAGRAM!!! I don’t know what took them so long. I really don’t. I had been so jealous of iPhone users for the sheer fact that they get to have this uber amazing photo app on their phones that enable them to make their pictures all fanciful, and they could upload them to pretty much any effing social networking site they want to. Ugh! My sister told me the joyous news about a week ago and my mindset has basically been “INSTAGRAM ALL THE THINGS!” Rory has been my main subject so far (naturally).

You can find me under the monicker Chezfancypants. Like… if you want to follow me, or whatever. Yeah.


Tim re-introduced me to CommunityChannel on YouTube last night, run by Natalie Tran. She’s been M.I.A. for awhile, but she started making videos again about a month ago. In case you’re not familiar with her, she’s a silly Aussie girl who talks about little  problems that happen in everyday like, like standing around awkwardly when you and your friend run into someone they know and they engage in conversation without even introducing you, how all the usernames you want are already taken on every damn site on the internet, or how her mother mysteriously covets things she threw away, etc. WATCH IT!

Chandler Dances on Things:

Awhile ago, someone I follow on Tumblr (I think it was Janine, my homie from Germany) reblogged a gif of Chandler Bing dancing on the dinner table of The Last Supper. I clicked the source link and found the site Chandler Dances on Things. This Tumblr consists of Chandler dancing on anything you can possibly imagine: Hogwarts, Equestria, the Death Star, the TARDIS, Pride Rock, the Sham Wow dude, Yemen, and one of my favorites, the bow of the Titanic. And today happens to be the 100th anniversary of the day the Titanic sank. Could that BE anymore coincidental?
Happy Tax Day/100th Anniversary of the Titanic sinking/my nephew Matthew’s 10th birthday, y’all! 🙂

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