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Huff ‘n Puff

Over the weekend I found out that Pottermore is FINALLY open to the public! I was horrendously forlorn when they were accepting some people to be beta testers and whatnot last year and I never received an early acceptance letter to be part of it, while damn near everyone I followed on Tumblr blogged about how they got their letters to Pottermore and how amazingly spectacular it was. sigh

But now, at long last,  I get to experience it! And when you sign up, you’re listed as someone who is “magical.” It’s rather exciting. I was so excited I made a screencap. Now I have proof that shows I am not a Muggle. 😀

In case you’re out of the loop, Pottermore is an online interactive experience that allows you to dive into the world of the Harry Potter series book by book, and it includes new content from J.K. Rowling as you go through each chapter — it gives fans a more in depth look into characters, places, and things like the backstory of Petunia and Vernon Dursley, the meaning behind the name of their house number and neighborhood, etc. But the super big deal is that you can now officially find out what house in Hogwarts you actually belong to. And once you’re sorted you can “duel” other people, and earn house points!

I figured I would either be sorted into Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Every other online quiz devoted to determining what Hogwarts house you belong to that I have taken have placed me in both of those houses. As I took the quiz, I kept thinking to myself, “Not Hufflepuff, not Hufflepuff” kind of like Harry did when he was getting sorted and he kept thinking, “Not Slytherin, not Slytherin.” But you know what? I didn’t have a freakin’ Sorting Hat on my head, so he couldn’t get into my thought process or anything. Plus every time I answered a question on the Sorting Hat quiz, I thought, “Goddamn, that is such a Hufflepuff answer.” I didn’t want to lie and mark answers that I thought would get me into a certain house, so I did what Pottermore told me to do: answer honestly.

When I got sorted into Hufflepuff, I’ll admit I was less than pleased. I literally screamed, “NOOOOOOO!!!” Tim had texted me earlier and said he was sorted into Ravenclaw. So we’re like Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory — and interracial Ravenpuff couple (but Cedric dies! He gets murdered by Voldemort! RUGH!) <– if you think that’s a spoiler, you are soooo behind.

I suppose nothing is wrong with Hufflepuff, but among the HP fandom, it’s basically the “loser” house. I wanted to be in Ravenclaw because they’re all about intelligence, knowledge and wit. I love reading, writing, and arty things so I thought it kind of went with the Ravenclaw aesthetic. Slytherin is all about being cunning, resourceful, and ambitious — those values are nice and all, but everyone in that house is an arse. Gryffindor values courage, nerve, and chivalry (I hate scary movies and am a very anxious person, so no). And Hufflepuff’s all about hard work, loyalty, patience, and fair play. Yeah, these are nice values, but Ravenclaw… RAVENCLAW. Ugh.

After I calmed down a bit, I read the Hufflepuff bit that showed up and it talked about the house and its colors and mascot, the badger, who is a quiet creature but when messed with can be quite ferocious — it can even attack a wolf! And I thought, “Whoa, I’m totes a badger.” Like a badger (not the Honey Badger, a regular badger), I can be all cute and fluffy, but you seriously don’t want to ‘eff with me because, like the Honey Badger, I don’t give a sh!t (refer to this). Just this morning I started a new shift at work. A student I was working with was completely behind in their assignments and was basically b.s.-ing the whole time they were there. They kind of got a bit smart with me and I just said, “You can either smart mouth me or do your work.” They got pretty butthurt about it, but just because I’m a young tutor doesn’t mean you can get away with being a jerk. Not on my watch! After class I overheard them talking smack about me. I said, “Do you want to say that to my face?” Yeah. I can get pretty ballsy when someone pisses me off.

Hufflepuffs are said to be calm and collected, but know when to strike. Perhaps I am in the right house. Plus, I’d like to think that Liz Lemon would totally be in Hufflepuff since their common room is right by the kitchen (night cheese!).

Are you on Pottermore? What house were sorted in, and do you think it suits you well? Also, you can find me on there as PurpleLeviosa18331. <– yes, that’s an invitation to add me on there (if you like, no pressure yo).

4 thoughts on “Huff ‘n Puff

  1. i’m a Puff too!!! (MarauderEye11900) and i had a simliar response, except that i didn’t scream NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!… the Puffs are also kinda the Jacks and Janes of all trades, also meaning we can do anything, so we’re actually the most versatile house… the fact that we were 4th place for the house cup also means that we are busy with more important things than dueling and making potions!


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