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Nerdvember: Week One

Hey my little ponies! The ladies over at Set to Stunning are holding their second annual Nerdvember contest over on Instagram, and I decided to participate this year. The gist of it is is that participants are supposed to wear a geek inspired outfit — it can be a casual cosplay or an outfit with geek clothing/accessories — and post it on their Instagram account. Towards the end they’re going to pick a bunch of winners and give out fun prizes! I thought it would be a fun challenge, plus my blog’s emphasis is geek fashion, so it only made sense. 😀

Check out their post to find out more about Nerdvember here.

Every Sunday I’m going to share my outfits of the week on the blog with a little blurb about each one. So let’s begin!

Day 1: R2-D2

I remember thinking, “Oh, Nerdvember is gonna start soon!” during the last few days of October. And then all of a sudden it was November and I didn’t even realize it until the middle of the day. So I just took a selfie of me wearing my We Love Fine R2-D2 pullover and my Han Solo necklace with a denim vest. Not pictured is my pink, baby blue, and navy floral skirt. Oh well!

Day 2: Winnie the Pooh

It was a blustery day and a little rainy, so I thought it was the perfect time to bust out my Pooh Bear pullover. At first I was wearing jeggings, but felt so weird wearing them, so when I went home during my lunch break I changed into this long red circle skirt. 😛

Day 3: More R2-D2!

I wore my R2 pullover again and went all out with the matching accessories!

Day 4: Wookiee Wednesday

Like I mentioned before, on Wednesdays I always wear a Star Wars themed outfit no matter what. I paired my Chewbacca raglan top with this pink and black floral skirt from H&M and this light pink cardigan, because Chewbacca and flowers are a winning combination.

Day 5: Soot Sprites

This was a super lazy day and it was cold as f*ck that morning! But I paired my soot sprites dress with some thick black nylons, ankle boots, a zip-up hoodie, and my faux leather motorcycle jacket.

Day 6: Batman/Gotham

Another lazy day! I came across my Detective Jim Gordon necklace while cleaning my room and decided to make an outfit around it. I paired the necklace with a Batman necklace my friend Amanda got me for my birthday, my Batman hairbow, sparkly ring, and also had Rory wear his Batman t-shirt. 🙂

Day 7: Harry Potter 

Yesterday just so happened to be National Book Lovers Day, so I nixed the Firefly outfit I was originally going to wear and put together this Harry Potter outfit! It was cold and I wanted to wear the Hufflepuff infinity scarf my sister made for me last year, but it is nowhere to be found! So there goes that stereotype of Hufflepuffs being particularly good finders. 😛

I’m excited to come up with some outfits for this coming week because I’m heading down to Anaheim for the Captain America 10k! I just got my top for the race last night, I just need to find some navy blue sweats which are surprisingly hard to find. Everything is black or grey! WTF is that all about? But anyhow…

Are you also participating in Nerdvember too? If you’re not, it’s not too late to start! You can also follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to here: @lefancygeek 🙂


photo credit: me, Brianna Torres, Jennifer Khut, and my mom

5 fandom friday

5 Fandom Friday: Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without


Hey my little ponies! Today’s 5 Fandom Friday was a bit hard for me to come up with since its theme is “Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without” because I honestly feel like I mostly use my phone to text my friends and family, and check Instagram. But upon further reflection, I’ve thought of a few other apps on my phone that I would be lost without (one of them, I would literally be lost if I didn’t have it!).

1. Instagram

Okay, I don’t have to digress on this one, right? Right. Okay, moving on!

2. Cartwheel

I’m always at Target. I went there three times this week (including today), and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I found myself there tomorrow or Sunday. The Cartwheel app has tons of coupons that lets users save $$$ on certain products, and there’s a function that allows users to scan items with their phones to see if they’re on sale! It’s extremely handy and perfect for frugal shoppers like myself. I’ve saved quite a bit thanks to it, and it also helps if you have a Target Red Card too since it allows you to save an additional 5%. 😀

3. Google Maps

I have no sense of direction whatsoever. If you ask me what direction is North, I will point up towards the sky. If I didn’t have Google Maps on my phone, I would probably be stuck in the middle of nowhere. Granted, there have been a couple of times where my phone just crapped out on me and lost connection causing me to pull over to figure out what the eff happened, but for the most part it’s helped me get from point A to point B in one piece.

4. Afterlight

I prefer using Afterlight to edit photos for my blog or Instagram. The filters on Instagram are quite limited, and Afterlight also has a lot of great features for framing pics and whatnot. It’s the one app where I’m actually willing to spend money on the extra features. It’s important to note I’m a bit of a miser when it comes to shelling out money on apps.

5. Pinterest

There are times when I don’t have a book with me to read during my breaks at work, so Pinterest keeps me entertained at all times! I think after Instagram it’s my favorite form of social networking.

What are some smart phone apps you can’t live without?


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I Heart Instagram Tag

Kristin over at My Life As A Teacup was tagged to do this I Heart Instagram tag, and I wanted to join in on the fun because I. LOVE. INSTAGRAM. I really do. Also, she didn’t tag anyone in particular and invited anyone who wanted to participate to do so. Instagram is by far my favorite social media site! I definitely utilize it more than Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Pinterest combined. You could say I’m addicted to it… because that would be entirely accurate.

What’s your Instagram handle? lefancygeek, formerly chezfancypants.

How often do you check Instagram? Ha! When am I not checking Instagram? – picks up phone. opens Instagram app. scroll, scroll, scroll – I told you I’m addicted!

What are your favorite hashtags? There’s too many! I mainly like to look up the ones that have to do with fashion, pets, books, and Disney. I’ll just randomly type whatever into the search engine depending on my mood. But I always make a point to look at #havamalt because it’s the breed of my fur baby Rory, who’s pretty much the star of my Instagram account — I even made up a hashtag for him! #lefancypooch and #lefancypup 🙂

What is your favorite genre of pictures? Books, fashion, food, toys, pets (especially puppies), travel, and Disneyland! Or anything Disney, really. And I love pictures of knickknacks as you can tell from some of my pictures.

How often do you post? At least once or twice a day. Sometimes more.

What’s your favorite filter? Earlybird or Valencia, but sometimes I cheat and go on Afterlight or A Beautiful Mess to edit photos.

iPhone only, purist or rebel? I mix both, but mostly iPhone. Sometimes I use pictures that I’ve taken on my SLR, especially if it’s a photo that was used on my blog.

Three favorite IG accounts currently?

♥ Diana at @ourcitylights — for all things lovely and pink! Diana has impeccable taste in everything — fashion, books, makeup, home decor (she lives in a pink house with a pink kitchen filled with Hello Kitty appliances!).
♥ Nami at @namimscott — for gorgeous LA/NY adventures and an adorable pup named Merlin. He can be found under #mistermerlin. She’s also my Dark Side Sister. – raises light saber in the air –
♥ Amanda at @amandajeannn — for amazing geektastic adventures via Disneyland, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, conventions galore, etc! She’s just an overall lovely geek.

fun fact: They’re all from California. 🙂

If you want to do this for your blog too, then by all means go for it because I’m tagging you. Yes, you! And let me know if you do it because I want to see your wonderful pictures and read your answers 🙂


PS: Kristin’s Instagram is a great as well, you can find her at @mylifeasateacup.

pup life

Adventures in Petsitting

Hangin’ out with Jezi.

About two and a half weeks ago Tim’s mom and sister went to Ohio for a whole week and asked me if I would be able and willing to housesit/petsit for them. I said yes without hesitation! A whole week alone with dogs (and one cat)? HELL YES. Plus it feels nice that they trust me enough to stay in their home and look after their animals.

Taking care of Rory is a challenge in and of itself (he can be such a stubborn a$$hole!), and I had agreed to watch over their three beloved digs (not a typo, that’s what they call them), Brady, Schatzi, and Jezi, and cat, Molly. It felt a bit overwhelming, but I was up for the challenge. They’re good dogs anyway, so I wasn’t completely worried.

Brady and Schatzi napping on the futon barrier that was supposed to keep Rory from wandering around the house — he knows how to jump over it now, so… AH!
Rory and Jezi all nice bundled up.

I stopped by a few days before they left to see how they go about feeding them, and then I got a tour of all the little doohickies around the house (watering flowers, security alarms, etc). I also did a test run to see how they’d respond to me coming in and feeding them the day after. Luckily for me, they freakin’ love me — so it went well. 😀

Schatzi usually does her own thing when Rory and I are over, but she cuddled by me quite a few times and kept my feet warm. ❤
Every time Brady saw me pet Schatzi or call her, he’d come over and butt in to get all the pets and cuddles.

I was prepared for Brady’s thick drool to hit the hardwood floor come breakfast and dinner time (hence why a paper towel is placed on the floor by the food), I was prepared to hold him in case he had a random seizure,  I was prepared for Jezi’s sneaky kisses and knew when to avert them (she’s sweet, but she eats poop), hell, I was even prepared to cleanup the litter box every other day. What I wasn’t prepared for was something else I didn’t even think would happen.

Poor Brady. That guy’s stomach is super sensitive. He ate Rory’s food when I was preparing their dinner. Later that night I was on the phone with Tim and that’s when I smelled the funk. “I think one of the dogs tooted… oh God, it’s so potent!” Several minutes later, it didn’t go away. I got off the couch to adjust myself and then I saw little brown spots around the table. I thought they could be mud prints from when I let them in. But they weren’t shaped like paws. And then I saw a big goopy brown sludge pile and that’s when my heart sank.

“Tim, I think one of the dogs had diarrhea.”

I was panicking. I got off the phone with Tim after freaking out (“Oh my God, Tim. Oh my God. Oh, it’s so gross. OH GOD, WHY? TIM, WHAT DO I DO?”), rolled up my sleeves, and got down to business… Mike Rowe style.

I’m glad no hidden cameras were placed around the house for reality show purposes because I was HORRIBLE. I made whiny noises, I constantly cried out, “OH MY GOD THIS IS SO GROSS!” And gagged numerous times. If I were being filmed for a reality show, Joel McHale would’ve probably featured me on The Soup and made fun of me to no avail. 😦

Brady had diarrhea the next day too. And to boot, Rory ate all kinds of plants when I let him outside to play with the other dogs, sooo he threw up quite a few times (he even puked on my Hello Kitty blanket and the blanket the digs sleep on in the family room). At one point, he had a root in his mouth that looked a lot like poop. He wouldn’t drop it, so I had to reach in and get it. AHH! Can you imagine taking out mysterious items out of your dog’s mouth?

Brady and Schatzi.
fun fact: Jezi’s nickname is Wormtail.
Rory made himself at home right away (that’s also the blanket he puked on).

Long story short, I knew taking care of animals was going to be hard, I just didn’t realize it was going to be that hard. But despite the loose poop and puke, I enjoyed their company very much (animals > people, it’s a fact) and even offered to petsit again if they ever needed me to.  😀


3 Things That Make Me Say “Weeeee!”

Okay, so maybe these three things I’m about to talk about don’t necessarily make me say, “Weeee!” out loud, but they do have the capacity to put a smile on my face, literally make me LoL, or just make me happy in general — therefore, they have a certain “weee!” factor.


ANDRIODS FINALLY HAVE INSTAGRAM!!! I don’t know what took them so long. I really don’t. I had been so jealous of iPhone users for the sheer fact that they get to have this uber amazing photo app on their phones that enable them to make their pictures all fanciful, and they could upload them to pretty much any effing social networking site they want to. Ugh! My sister told me the joyous news about a week ago and my mindset has basically been “INSTAGRAM ALL THE THINGS!” Rory has been my main subject so far (naturally).

You can find me under the monicker Chezfancypants. Like… if you want to follow me, or whatever. Yeah.


Tim re-introduced me to CommunityChannel on YouTube last night, run by Natalie Tran. She’s been M.I.A. for awhile, but she started making videos again about a month ago. In case you’re not familiar with her, she’s a silly Aussie girl who talks about little  problems that happen in everyday like, like standing around awkwardly when you and your friend run into someone they know and they engage in conversation without even introducing you, how all the usernames you want are already taken on every damn site on the internet, or how her mother mysteriously covets things she threw away, etc. WATCH IT!

Chandler Dances on Things:

Awhile ago, someone I follow on Tumblr (I think it was Janine, my homie from Germany) reblogged a gif of Chandler Bing dancing on the dinner table of The Last Supper. I clicked the source link and found the site Chandler Dances on Things. This Tumblr consists of Chandler dancing on anything you can possibly imagine: Hogwarts, Equestria, the Death Star, the TARDIS, Pride Rock, the Sham Wow dude, Yemen, and one of my favorites, the bow of the Titanic. And today happens to be the 100th anniversary of the day the Titanic sank. Could that BE anymore coincidental?
Happy Tax Day/100th Anniversary of the Titanic sinking/my nephew Matthew’s 10th birthday, y’all! 🙂