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Something old

I don’t mean to be a pack rat, but sometimes I can’t help it, especially when it comes to toys, clothes, and shoes. Childhood toys all hold nostalgic value, and with clothes and shoes, even if I haven’t worn something for years, or ever, I keep some items because I know think I’ll eventually wear them.

Case in point: the BCBG Girls skirt I am wearing pictured above. I got it on sale at Dillard’s when I was a senior in high school (which was a LONG time ago). Over the years, I’d take it out of the closet and try to pair with some tops and cardigans or boleros, but I always ended up hating the outfit all together. Yesterday, a metaphoric light bulb lit up above my head when I saw my grey camisole lying on the floor (I need to clean my room so badly), and my kelley green cardigan hanging in the closet. After that, I thought WWEPD? <– What Would Emma Pillsbury Do?

Emma Pillsbury, in case you don’t know, is the adorable school counselor with manic OCD on Glee. She’s got the retro-granny chic look down to a t with her cardigans, pencil skirts, brooches, sweater clips, etc. She’s too precious, I can’t stand it. Anyway, I rummaged through all my jewelry trying to find this yellow-beaded vintage necklace I’ve had since forever, but of course when I need it I have no idea where it is. I tried on some brooches… they all looked odd. I was starting to give up hope on my outfit, but then I remembered these green crystal necklaces my mom and I got at an estate sale earlier this year! Outfit saved. *phew*

outfit details:

  • cardigan: Old Navy
  • necklace: purchased at an estate sale
  • camisole: Kirkland
  • skirt: BCBG Girls
  • shoes: Target

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