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Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey

outfit details – blazer: Living Doll  // dress: ModCloth (buy here) // belt: Xhileration // shoes: BOBS (buy here)  // ring: Francesca // bag: Coach // Adipose keychain: Underground Toys (buy here) // necklace: made by me

When Tim and I made plans on what to do during our short time in San Diego we decided to hit one museum amongst all the restaurants we talked about eating at (yes, I plan trips based on food). I suggested going to the Natural History Museum (the Nat) because they have dinosaurs! And as everyone knows, dinosaurs are AWESOME. Isn’t it amazing that these ginormous creatures roamed the earth long before mankind even existed? The fossils and dinosaur models were hands down my favorite part of the Nat. I’ll share more pictures of my adventure there with all the other neat things I saw in the next post. 🙂

Whenever I go somewhere special, I like to dress in theme. My galaxy dress from ModCloth seemed like an appropriate thing to wear despite the fact that there wasn’t a planetarium or anything. Like, what does the galaxy have to do with what’s at the Nat? Oh, I don’t know. But one time when I wore this dress to work, a customer said she really liked it and that it was very “timey wimey” — a Whovian reference! And there was an episode of Doctor Who called “Dinosaurs On a Spaceship” last season, so BAM! There’s the connection. I also paired it with my 11th Doctor necklace and TARDIS blue ballet flats. Tim was also quite Who-y that day as he wore his Silence vs. Weeping Angels shirt too (pictured below).

This is probably the most epic dress that I own! On our way to brunch before going to the Nat, a guy walked out of another restaurant just to tell me how awesome my dress was 😀

You might remember my dress from this outfit post I did back in August too.

Do you like to dress in theme whenever you go out to fun places too?


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Something old

I don’t mean to be a pack rat, but sometimes I can’t help it, especially when it comes to toys, clothes, and shoes. Childhood toys all hold nostalgic value, and with clothes and shoes, even if I haven’t worn something for years, or ever, I keep some items because I know think I’ll eventually wear them.

Case in point: the BCBG Girls skirt I am wearing pictured above. I got it on sale at Dillard’s when I was a senior in high school (which was a LONG time ago). Over the years, I’d take it out of the closet and try to pair with some tops and cardigans or boleros, but I always ended up hating the outfit all together. Yesterday, a metaphoric light bulb lit up above my head when I saw my grey camisole lying on the floor (I need to clean my room so badly), and my kelley green cardigan hanging in the closet. After that, I thought WWEPD? <– What Would Emma Pillsbury Do?

Emma Pillsbury, in case you don’t know, is the adorable school counselor with manic OCD on Glee. She’s got the retro-granny chic look down to a t with her cardigans, pencil skirts, brooches, sweater clips, etc. She’s too precious, I can’t stand it. Anyway, I rummaged through all my jewelry trying to find this yellow-beaded vintage necklace I’ve had since forever, but of course when I need it I have no idea where it is. I tried on some brooches… they all looked odd. I was starting to give up hope on my outfit, but then I remembered these green crystal necklaces my mom and I got at an estate sale earlier this year! Outfit saved. *phew*

outfit details:

  • cardigan: Old Navy
  • necklace: purchased at an estate sale
  • camisole: Kirkland
  • skirt: BCBG Girls
  • shoes: Target