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Boots Boots Boots

A few people have asked me about the boots I wore in yesterday’s post, I even helped a friend locate a pair online! In case anyone else is interested in where to get a pair, I shall tell you. 🙂

The  boots are by Blowfish (style is called Hester) and I bought them at Bakers during the fall. They’re on sale for $48 on Blowfish’s website and also at Zappos for $59.90. Sizing and color is limited at Zappos — they only have black, grey, and grey with a sherpa trim, and if you’re over a US size 8.5 you’re out of luck. Sorry! The dark brown ones I have aren’t available on Blowfish, but they still have black, grey, and a whiskey color with sherpa trim:

[photo courtesy of Blowfish]

There are more sizes available in the grey and whiskey boots.

I’m not trying to endorse Blowfish, but I think their shoes are awesome! I have 3 pairs of shoes and they all fit my wide-set feet just fine. And I especially love them for making a pair of boots I was able to get my voluptuous calves into. My fellow big-calved ladies share my pain about how hard it is to find a decent pair of boots that’ll comfortably go over my calves! If these fit me, I’m sure they’ll fit you too.

Happy shopping everyone!

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