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Good Witch of the South

outfit details – cardigan: Forever 21 // dress: Charlotte Russe // necklace: Swarovski Crystals // belt: Armani Exchange // ring + hair clip: vintage // purse: LeSportsac (buy here) // earrings: Zales // shoes: Report // glasses: Derek Cardigan (buy here) // wand: Disney Store (buy here)

Oz: The Great and Powerful was a bit of a let down for me. I’m a fan of many Oz related things, but I feel like Disney could’ve done SO. MUCH. MORE. Ugh! It wasn’t particularly terrible, just disappointing with its lack of character development on major characters. *cough*Wicked Witch*cough* It was entertaining enough for me to watch it a second time, though I have to say I mostly wanted to see Finely, the adorable flying monkey voiced by Zach Braff, again! He’s seriously the best thing in the movie. And China Girl is super cute as well. I watched it last week with Tim and then a few days later with Shanice and Jen. Before the movie came out, the girls and I talked about how fun it would be to go to the theater dressed up like the three witches in the film a la Disneybound. I already had the wand, so Glinda was my designated witch. I was inspired by the last outfit she wore in the movie since it had lots of pink, unlike the other two gowns she wore which were mostly white, gold, and silver.

Sooo… this isn’t exactly what I wore when I watched the movie with the two girls. I just made a couple of changes, like my vintage rhinestone clip and silver belt. I originally wore a white rose in my hair and a skinny brown belt. Just a few switches can really help change an ensemble! Plus the glitziness of the clip reflects Glinda’s crown much more than a white rose. I also tried to incorporate some of the elements from not just Glinda herself, like with the mixing of gold and silver accessories, but also from other characters/scenery with my my LeSportsac x Disney It’s a Small World purse featuring adorable little Dutch children that kind of look like Munchkins, and my big yellow flower ring 🙂

Would I recommend watching Oz: The Great and Poweful? Sure. Like I said, I found it entertaining, and if you’re okay with movies that don’t have amazing plot/character development, then you should be okay! It’s visually gorgeous and it has its good moments (Finely! Oh, and Michelle Williams made a good Glinda). But I dare you to try and not want to punch James Franco in the face. He was so schmoozy!


9 thoughts on “Good Witch of the South

  1. I love your outfit. So gorgeous. I went to see Oz with my boyfriend for our anniversary, and I really enjoyed it. I do agree with you about the lack of plot development. I just felt that they could have taken the whole “Wicked Witch” thing so much further than they did.

    I was also excited to see the China Girl. As a child, I was always enchanted by the China people in the books, so it was great to finally see that world on film.


    1. Thank you! I love the outfit you wore to see Oz too! 🙂 I was kind of bummed that they didn’t even do a nod to the silver slippers the Wicked Witch of the East had. Oh well. It was still entertaining! I loved China Girl too, though I have to admit I’m not completely familiar with the China people since I only ever read the first book in the Wizard of Oz series. I need to correct that!


  2. your outfits are very-well put together.. I doubt I could manage to look as chic… I do have a question about this well-wishes shoullder bag and the bigger tote you carried on the other picture (you wore a lovely green dress and a pretty rose ring). Between those two bags, which one is better to carry on a 3 day trip to disneyland? My husband and I are going to our long overdue honeymoon and our family’s going to join us on the latter part of the trip. I’d like something that’s small enough to carry in rides, but big enough to hold some essentials (small cosmetic bag, phone, polaroid camera, kindle, water bottle, hat and cardigan).
    Which one do you recommend? 😀


    1. Hmmm… I’d go with the larger tote since you plan on packing a hat and cardigan too, plus water bottles tend to take up space in purses too! I’d just be careful of loading too many things in the bag since it’s an over the shoulder one — it’s never fun having a sore shoulder when you’re on the go. Hope this helped! 🙂


      1. THANK YOU!! I really have to choose carefully because although these bags are well worth the pricey tags, it takes quite AWHILE to save up for them!!! and the sad thing is they don’t have a store here in Ohio that carries Lesportsac bags in the it’s a small world collection so I don’t have the chance to see ’em in person </3 😦


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