An Update of Sorts…

Rory on his first long ass road trip.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone (or whoever happens to be reading this)! I hope you’re all  having a splendiforous 3-day weekend. 😀

I’ve been M.I.A. from Le Fancy Geek for the past few weeks petsitting for my boyfriend’s mom and sister (I spent a whole week with doggies!), then Tim and I  went to Disneyland for a few days after that for a special Fantasmic! performance for Annual Passholders, then came back home for a day, and the day after I went back to SoCal for my youngest cousin’s high school graduation with my family (fun fact: the class of 2012 was born the same year The Lion King was released in theaters and the OJ Simpson trial was all over the news… daaaaamn, I feel old), and then we went further south to San Diego to see my sister. We left at 10 pm last night and got back home around 5 am.


I shall be blogging about my adventures in petsitting, my Disneyland trip, and SoCal excursion in the next few days, but for now I need to rest my bones. *yaaawn*

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