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Every Monday I head to Berkeley, or as I like to call it Bizzurekely, to volunteer at Small Press Distribution [SPD] with my friend Jen. SPD is a literary arts non-profit organization that’s dedicated to distributing independently published literature to all walks of the literary community — major book stores like Barnes & Noble to mom & pop shops to schools to libraries across the globe (or at least as far as Canada to my knowledge). Tasks that I’ve done have been running around the warehouse picking orders, reshelving books, sticking barcodes on books without bardcodes, folding invoices, and taking misplaced books off shelves.

I love, love, love doing anything that involves me wandering around the warehouse, because while I’m doing stuff I get to browse through all the inventory. And I’ve actually seen a couple books published by some of my professors, and one by the TA I had in my Folk Storytelling & Lit. class last year. It gives me hope to see familiar names on the shelves since I aim to publish a book of my short stories one day. Of course, I need to actually sit down and write them in order for that to happen. *sigh* I am so creatively constipated. My mind can’t function when it comes to making up stories nowadays, which is quite frustrating. I need more drama in my life to inspire me.

Anyway, today I found a psychology book called Harry Potter Power. It shows how the universal themes in Harry Potter can make your life “more positive and healthy and your lifestyle more sustainable.” Awesome, right?! I skimmed through it, and though I didn’t think the writing was completely stellar, I appreciated the concept. HARRY POTTER 4 EVER.

Outfit details:

  • sunglasses: Coach
  • cardigan: Target
  • camisole: Billabong
  • pants: Don’t recall, but they’re too big on me
  • shoes: Bearpaw
  • bag: Member’s Only
  • necklace: 2Dy4

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