Wookiee Wednesday: Thoughts on The Force Awakens Trailer

I had no intention of watching the latest trailer for The Force Awakens because I’m very hellbent on watching it without knowing a damn thing. I was a little worried that the trailer might give away more than I wanted. And then my friend told me some possible spoilery theory she saw on Facebook this morning and I was like, “Why the hell would you tell me that?! I DON’T WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING!!! Uuuugggghhh.” Anyhow, my plan to skip on the trailer all went out the window when my aunt called me into the other room on Monday night by yelling, “NINA! NEW STAR WARS TRAILER!!!” I totally freaked Rory out because he ran after me as I jetted off to go watch it. Whoops! And then Travis texted me a link not too long after, so there was really no escaping it.

For today’s Wookiee Wednesday I thought I’d share all the thoughts that went through my head as I watched the trailer. 😀

  • Ooh, it’s Rey!
  • (Rey zipping down) Weeeeee!
  • BB-8!!!!!!!!
  • “Who are you?” “I’m no one.” If your last name is being kept under wraps on purpose then you MUST be someone of importance, Rey.
  • (LucasFilms logo appears) The chills. I haz them!
  • Stormtroopers!!
  • Ugggghhh… why you no show my Domhnall Gleeson? 😩
  • Fiiiinnnn… how the hell are you wearing all black in the desert? HOW?
  • Kylo Ren = Darth Vader fanboy
  • He looks like a bird.
  • Melted Darth Vader helmet hurts my heart.
  • The Millennium Falcooooonnn!
  • Why is it getting blurry? Oh, that’s just my tears.
  • Finn and Poe… possible bromance? Why no fist bump?
  • What is this temple thingy?
  • R2! And Luke? Must be Luke.
  • Who’s maybe dead body are you crying over, Rey? WHO?!?!
  • OH MY GOD.

Seriously, y’all. OH. MY. GAAAWWWD! I can’t wait until December 18!! I already got my ticket for a 1:30 am IMAX show the night of the 17th! And I’m already planning on what I’m gonna wear. 😛

Geek out with me in the comments by letting me know how you reacted and whether or not you’re going to watch The Force Awakens opening weekend! 😀


PS: Happy Back to the Future Day!! I know it has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars, but I had to say something 😀

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Wookiee Wednesday: Kessel Run[way] Ready

Welcome to another Wookiee Wednesday! Ever since Force Friday, us Star Wars fangirls (and boys) have been bombarded with all kinds of superb clothes and accessories from various different companies to fulfill our geeky fashion needs. To say it’s been seriously overwhelming is an understatement. I am constantly having to tell myself to cool my jet-packs (heh) and put my wallet away. There’s just soooOoOoOoo MUCH to chose from! What’s a fangirl to do?!

I started getting a little overwhelmed when choosing which accessories and whatnot to feature, but then I decided to narrow it down on things from the lighter side of the Force. I’m always “dark side this, and dark side that,” so I think it’s time to restore some balance on the blog. 🙂

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1. Han Solo purse by Sent From Mars | 2. R2D2 necklace from HSN
3. Chewbacca raglan from JCPenney| 4. Wicket purse by Loungefly
5. BB-8 t-shirt by Fifth Sun | 6. R2-D2 heels by Irregular Choice

    1. I am a self professed bag hag and huge Han Solo fan, so when I saw this Han purse by Sent From Mars my fangirl heart exploded! The details are insane! I am so willing to get rid of all my basic black purses to make room for this one in my collection.
    2. Is this the droid I’ve been looking for? ME THINKS SO. After Her Universe announced that they would have some merch on HSN, I took a look online afterwards and saw that they have some gorgeous Star Wars jewelry, including this blingy R2 necklace. — insert heart eye emojis
    3. JC Penney is slayin’ it with their Star Wars apparel right now! I have a couple of tees that I picked up there, but this Chewie raglan was nowhere to be found in my size while I was shopping. For now, I shall just admire it from afar.
    4. Novelty purses are so much fun, so I’m so excited that Loungefly has been coming out with tons of cute ones as of late. When I saw this Wicket one pop up online a few weeks ago I nearly choked on my spit from gasping so violently at the site of it because OMG LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS!!!!!
    5. Soooo, I actually own this BB-8 tee! I bought it from Fifth Sun after they released a bunch of new Force Awakens tees since they were having a sale. The movie hasn’t even come out yet and everyone already loves BB-8. But really, how could you not?
    6. I’m not a high heels kind of girl. If I’m going to some extra oomph in my step I prefer wedges because they’re more stable. BUT HOLY EFFIN’ SPACE BALLS. These shoes by Irregular Choice have R2 on them!!!! I’ve been a long admirer of the quirky unicorn Irregular Choice heels ModCloth always seems to have in stock, but these R2 ones? Stop it. JUST STOP. I love how they’re so gaudy, girly, and utterly geeky. Those are all my favorite things rolled into one item! Waaaaannnntttt.

Have you discovered and/or bought any awesome Star Wars goods recently? Or maybe have your eye on something? Tell me about them in the comments!cheers

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Wookiee Wednesday: You Can’t Sith With Us

On Wednesdays my friend Brianna and I always wear something Star Wars related to work and have dubbed the day “Wookiee Wednesday.” We used to dress up in Star Wars duds on Tuesdays, but since we don’t see each other on Tuesdays this semester anymore, we settled for Wednesdays. Technically, I wore this outfit on Monday, but whatever! And in case you’re wondering, yes, I am wearing something Star Wars related today (my Rescuers/Star Wars mash-up tee by James Hance and some Rebellion earrings!).

I’m going to attempt to bring Wookiee Wednesday to Le Fancy Geek too! Maybe it’ll be an outfit post, or maybe it’ll be a toy review… who knows?! But don’t be surprised if I blog about Star Wars on a day other than Wednesday. It cannot be helped; the Fandom is strong with me.

This Darth Vader pullover was one of my Force Friday finds from when I went to Target at midnight. It’s super cozy and goes with everything! And if you saw last night’s post, you might recognize the Wanderlust + Co bib necklace I get to borrow thanks to Rocksbox. When I first opened up my package from them and saw this necklace, it immediately just made me think of how great it would look with my Darth Vader pullover. Nothing says “Darth Vader” like a fancy sparkly necklace, am I right?

BTW, 71 MORE DAYS UNTIL STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS COMES OUT!!!! Are any of you flipping the hell out too?!

It is seriously an amazing time to be a Star Wars fan right now! And also kind of terrible because all the amazing new merch hasn’t been to kind on my wallet. I mean… I know I don’t NEED to buy all these things, but I’m a terrible shopaholic and have a hard time saying “no.” Although, I am pretty proud of myself for putting down a BB-8 and Captain Phasma watch at Kohl’s last week because I told myself that I really didn’t need them. Baby steps, guys. Baby steps. Or BB-steps? HA! See what I did there. I’m so punny.

pullover: Fifth Sun (buy here) | skirt: Old Navy
bib necklace: Wanderlust + Co. c/o Rocksbox  | shoes: deflex Comfort (buy here)


PS: If you dig the necklace I’m wearing, you can use the code CHEZFANCYPANTSXOXO to receive 1 free month of Rocksbox. Check out my review of it here to find out more.