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Peachy Keen

outfit details – blouse: Perch by Blu Pepper // skirt: Vera Wang Princess (buy here) // belt: Mossimo // ring + bracelet: vintage  // watch: Disney x Timex // boots: Steve Madden // glasses: Derek Cardigan (buy here)

My DSLR has been on the fritz as of late. It just hasn’t been taking super awesome quality photos like it used to! I took it to Best Buy’s Geek Squad after work this morning since it’s under insurance, but they told me that it seems fine and that if I want it to get checked out, I would have to pay $35 for shipping if whoever looks at it says nothing is wrong with it. WTF, right?! Chuck Bartowski and the Nerd Herd would not put me through this! Well, maybe Jeff and Lester would. <– sorry if you’re scratching your head at my Chuck reference. Go watch Chuck. It’s awesome and Zachary Levi (voice of Flynn Rider from Tangled) who plays the titular character is adorkble! Anyway, what is the point of having insurance on something super ‘spensive if they’re going to make me pay for shipping and stuff? RUGH! I’m sorry, I’m just so frustrated because I rely on that camera for this blog and my Etsy store. But thankfully Tim has an even fancier DSLR and was in town yesterday (I helped him pick out glasses at his optometry appointment, weee!!!) so he offered to take pictures with it. I originally asked him if he could use my phone’s camera. Ha!

Some of you may recognize this skirt since this is its third appearance on my blog. Sorry I’m not sorry it’s been on here so many times, I love it too much and it happens to go with lots of things in my wardrobe! Don’t be surprised when it pops up in future posts 😉 I wore a burgundy blazer with this ensemble too and we took a picture of me in it, but I looked at it again and thought I looked kinda slouchy, so no blazer pic! Sorry. :/ At first I thought it would look weird with the peach pussy bow blouse (I basically got that blouse for free at TJ Maxx because my aunt gave me her TJ Maxx rewards thingy worth $30), but I tried it anyway and thought it worked. I passed by my BFF Shanice’s sister on my way to work and she said she liked my outfit, so yay! There’s proof that someone thought it looked alright too. I actually got quite a few compliments on this outfit yesterday which made me all kinds of happy 🙂

I got my ring with the 18th century looking couple at the flea market two weeks ago. There’s this vendor that my mom’s homies with (she frequents the flea market so much that vendors know her name) had a ziplock bag full of jewelry that was “broken” or “not that good” so I dug through it and found this ring and a bunch of other neat pieces that I deem “good enough.” I don’t know where that bracelet came from, but while trying to clean my room I found it! And my rad gold watch was purchased during my last Disneyland trip. Isn’t it glorious?! It has a bunch of tiny Mickey ears all over ❤

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a fabulous weekend! Who’s watching the Super Bowl on Sunday? I’m not! 😀


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Sh!tty Sh!tty Bang Bangs

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I’m not a complete believer in thinking that this day is filled with bad luck. I think it’s only coincidence that I have misplaced my stylist’s business card because I so badly need to get my bangs trimmed. I could do it myself, but I’d rather not. I’ve done it before in the past and I totally butchered them and I’m rather traumatized by it. Tomorrow I’m taking professional photos in my cap and gown and my bangs are at the point where they poke at my eyes, and the cap pushes them further down into eyeball territory. I normally don’t mind rocking the side-swept look for a bit, except now you can see the hormonal constellation that has magically appeared on the exposed part of my  forehead. Actually, my hormones aren’t to blame for my pimples, stress is. I hardly ever breakout, but when I do it’s because I’m stressed the hell out, and then I panic when I see more than one pimple, which only adds onto the stress.

What am I stressing about now? Well…

  • I have pimples all up on my forehead and the side of my nose
  • I’m worried they’ll show up in my pictures
  • My bangs are shitty
  • I’m worried the cap will make them look shittier
  • I’m worried that I won’t be able to get extra tickets for whoever else wants to go to my commencement ceremony
  • I don’t know where the list of family contact info is so I can’t send out my grad announcements
  • Other things I’d rather not admit here

I’m just complicated like that.

Yesterday at Target I discovered Neutrogena’s Oil Free Acne Stress Control line. I stuck the toner, face wash, and cream into my cart without even reading the labels. I swear by Neutrogena; I knew right away that that line was made just for me! I’m already seeing a difference after 2 uses. Woo!

Target is amazing, you can find almost anything there. If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life, it would be Target. My closet is 50% Target, 40% H&M, and 10% random stuff. I’m not going anywhere today, but I felt like wearing “outside clothes” rather than lounging around in my pajamas while I work (I telecommute), and in typical Nina fashion, I threw on a dress from Target. Every dress I’m wearing in my posts so far are from Target. I swear to Mossimo I have other things, I just love Target a lot, okay? I got my ring at Target too. Isn’t it rad? I bought it not because I thought it was pretty, but because it reminded me a of mage portal from World of Warcraft. Haha! Oh, I miss that game (sort of).

outfit details:

  • cardigan: H&M
  • dress: Target
  • harmonica necklace: from TJ Maxx
  • ring: Target
  • shoes: Blowfish