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You’ve Got Me in Stitches

I can’t believe how quickly my Hawaiian holiday passed by. And now it’s Monday, which means it’s back to reality. All together now: BLUUUUUGGHHH.

Despite the mosquitos and the endless tummy aches from all the sweets I ate, I really didn’t want my vacation to end. Staying at Disney’s Aulani resort was probably the most luxe experience I’ve had to date! I’ll talk more about that later though. Last Monday, a bunch of my family members got to go to Aulani’s character breakfast at Makahiki! It’s similar to Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel which I went to back in January. We got to take pictures with Mickey, and Goofy and Minnie walked around the restaurant to take pictures with diners. I was hoping Stitch would be there since my sister Disneybounded as Lilo’s doll Scrump and I wore my Stitch ears and Hawaiian Stitch dress that I got at Hot Topic earlier this year specifically for this trip! We did run into him at the wooden Stitch statue though and he was so surprised to see my Stitch ears and started playing with them. But we didn’t get to take pictures with him because a cast member was escorting him to go somewhere else.

heavy sigh

Uuuuggghh… I wanna go back! It’s seriously so fantastic and magical over there. And the food at the breakfast… oh my gaaaawwwwd. I love Disneyland food, so naturally the food at the breakfast buffet was all kinds of deloycious! They had Stitch waffles, pulled pork, miso soup, tons of pastries with tropical fruits… I seriously considered smuggling some guava pastries into my purse because they were that good.

I’ll be sharing more of my adventures from my Hawaiian Holiday, so stay tuned!

dress: Hot Topic (buy similar here) | cardigan: Old Navy (buy here)
Stitch ears: DIY’d by me | flats: deflex Comfort (buy here)


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Strolling Through the Happiest Place on Earth

Over Labor Day Weekend I participated in Run Disney’s Family Fun Run 5k with my mom and seester! And fun it was… well, not the whole waking up at 3:45ish am to be ready for the 5:30 am start time (UGH! SO EARLY!), but getting to [power] walk through California Adventure and Disneyland was pretty magical. I even got to high five Goofy and Mickey at the finish line, and we took a picture with Stitch along the way!

Oh, oh, annnnd I passed by Sean Astin while walking through Downtown Disney. He already finished the 5k and was walking away with a medal around his neck. I wanted to yell “GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE,” but I had a 5k to finish. Priorities. I haz them. Plus I was too starstruck to say anything anyways.

A few months ago we saw that the medals for the 5k had Lilo and Stitch on them, so we decided to Disneybound accordingly — my mom was Lilo and she used our old grass skirts from when we were little, my sister was Lilo’s doll Scrump (she made the headband she’s wearing, isn’t it adorable?), and I was Stitch! I found an old Stitch doll at a thrift store and took his ears off and stitched (ha!) them onto a headband and made it look like a little flower crown. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out 🙂

I would totally love to participate in one of Disneyland’s other 5k races, but the upcoming ones are already sold out, which is a shame because they seem like they’re going to be so epic: Avengers and Star Wars! Oh well. Hopefully I can do another one some other year. In the meantime, I need to save monies (these things are so expensive) and train a bit more until the next one!