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Sac-Con Recap

On Sunday I went to my very first convention as a vendor! Sac-Con was a pretty amazing and freakishly scary experience for me. Why freakishly scary though? Oh, well I dunno… maybe because a majority of the items I was selling were my handmade necklaces and earrings from my Etsy store, so I had a personal stake in it, y’know? And it’s absolutely nerve wracking having some people check out your table for a few seconds and move along to the next one, or having people ask how much one of my handmade necklaces or earrings were and be completely appalled by the price. Many of my pieces are one of a kind — I have no intention on making another one exactly like it, and I use ‘spensive genuine Swarovski crystals, thus the reason why a My Little Pony necklace is priced at $35. Despite that, quite a few people swung by my table numerous times, so that was pretty cool!

Overall I found the whole thing to be a good learning experience and a step forward with my jewelry thang. 🙂 Plus I met some pretty awesome people and got tons of compliments on my pieces, SO YAAAY!

The pieces left over from the show will be up on Once Upon a Smorgasbord sometime tomorrow or Thursday. I’ll post an update once they go up. But for now, here are some pictures of my booth and a few cosplayers Tim found! 🙂


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Once Upon a Smorgasbord is going to Sac-Con!

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On my “Happy New Year and Whatnot” post from December I compiled a list of all the things I hope to achieve in 2013. One thing I mentioned was that I hoped to sell my jewelry from my Etsy store Once Upon a Smorgadbord at conventions and that I was on a waiting list for a show in March. Sooo… I was informed a few days ago that there was a last minute cancellation from a vendor, thus I. AM. IN. WOOOOP!!!

I will be at Sac-Con in Sacramento, CA this Sunday (the 3rd). If you happen to be going, please stop by and say hi! Since John DiMaggio (the voice of Bender from Futurama and Jake the Dog from Adventure Time) is going to be there I’m working on some special Adventure Time pieces.