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Thrifty Thursday

Stockton may be considered a podunk town (we did make it on Forbes‘ worst cities to live in list multiple times), but it has some redeeming qualities — I swear by Podesto’s deli sandwiches, Tiger Yogurt is AMAZING, we’re the only city in California with a Dillard’s and they have awesome sales, Crossroads Trading Co.’s only outlet store is in Stockton, and we have some of the best thrift stores around! My friend Marcos told me that Superior Thirft has 20% discounts for students with IDs every Thursday, so we made plans to go yesterday along with Shanice and Jen.

Superior Thrift is on the side of town I don’t care to venture off to by myself (plus I like avoiding super busy streets), but Marcos told me I had to get over it and made me drive there. And I did okay! *phew*

This purple tie-dye poncho/shirt hybrid was so effing ugly I had to try it on. I just wanted to have an Ugly Betty moment.

Anyway, I managed to find a silver locket, a rodeo belt buckle, a maroon bow tie a la Doctor Who, a copy of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, a mustard yellow Mr. Rogers-esque cardigan, a Michael Kors dress, and a purple pave hippo ring for my mom. I found a few other items as well, but they didn’t work out — like the knitted TARDIS blue sweater with gold stitching I found. It was hella itchy and unflattering. I also tried on a Bill Cosby-esque cardigan, and a red dress from the 80s (long sleeve, gold buttons, chain pattern throughout). I thought it was one of those things where it was so ugly, it might be cute. But alas. I was wrong.

Mustard yellow cardigan by Casual Corner. My mom said it's probably from the 80s. And Rory is my blog's unofficial mascot.
This Michael Kors mini dress was only $10!
I've been wanting a rodeo belt buckle since May. Better late than never I suppose.
This locket kind of reminds of the one in the film adaptation of The Secret Garden.

Marcos managed to snag some nice button-up shirts (and I picked one out for him!) and a swanky Triple 5 Soul khaki jacket, Jen found an authentic military jacket, and Shanice got a fancy grey sweater. I would’ve taken pictures of their loot too, but I was too busy complaining about being hungry in the midst of shopping. All in all, the four of us got some pretty nice swag.

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Maybe I’m still stuck on the season premiere of Doctor Who where the Doctor proclaims, “I wear a Stetson now, Stetsons are cool,” or the fact that Woody is my favorite Toy Story character, or that I’ve been watching the space western Firefly off and on for the past 3 weeks, but I just really want cowboy/western inspired accessories. Specifically a rodeo belt buckle.

I’ve seen tons of rodeo belt buckles at flea markets, thrift stores, and whatnot since I was a kid, but I never really thought of ever wearing one so I always passed them up. Now that I want one, I hardly ever see nice ones anymore. But I did find the one pictured above on Amazon. It’s not too gaudy, it’s just right. I wouldn’t wear it to hold my pants up (I hardly ever wear pants anyway), but I would wear it around my waist paired with a white or denim dress.

With summer approaching, boots are probably not ideal (imagine that leather rubbing against your sweaty ankles and calves… ugh), but I still want a pair of cowboy boots — genuine looking ones with the intricate stitching and all. I found these two pairs by Ariat on Zappos.

And here’s a shiny little necklace I found on Etsy. Waaaaaant!

Alright y’all, I think that about does it for this post. *cue tumbleweed*