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May the Fourth Be With You

It’s May 4, which means it’s Star Wars Day!

My little Wookiee and I would like to wish you all a happy Star Wars Day, and May the fourth be with you, my little ponies! Or shall I call you my little tauntauns today? 😀

I’m actually wearing my Boba Fett dress today and me and my friend (who is also wearing their Boba Fett dress) are getting boba (that pearl drink thingy) after work to celebrate! Also, in honor of today you can save 15% off at Le Fancy Geek Boutique until Sunday, May 10 with code CHEWIE15. A couple of new Star Wars necklaces will be up later today!

Happy Star Wars Day and don’t forget to shoot first!


PS: Happy Audrey Hepburn Day too because today is her birthday! And Lance Bass from *NSYNC. Haha!

geek style

Happy Hothidays!


Greetings my little ponies! I just wanted to wish you all a very happy “hothiday” 😀

Today Rory and I wore our matching Darth Vader sweaters to celebrate. I think the dark side may have gotten to him a bit though… he was a wittle emo earlier today. BUT he’s all better now!

I hope you all had an amazing day celebrating with your loved ones (if you celebrate Christmas anyhow).