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Something New (and Blue)!

Hello all! I see that my blog has been collecting digital dust as I haven’t blogged in over 11 days. YIKES!

Since my last post I went back to my old junior college to try to get into a Children’s Literature class (outlook of me getting in looks positive *fingers crossed*). I already finished the first book that was assigned, Skellig by David Almond. I also applied for a retail gig. Searching for a job has been a pain in the arse, but I need something. Anything. I don’t want to say where I applied to as I don’t want to jinx it. And over the weekend my cousin and his wife had a grand wedding ceremony in San Diego (they had a civil service last year).

And you know weddings mean buying new dresses and shoes!

I don’t really wear royal TARDIS blue, I almost got a black and purple dress with a patent grey belt instead, but I REALLY loved the details on this dress. 😀

Anyway, the wedding was awesome (minus the part during the ceremony where the clouds parted and the sun scorched all of us). At the reception all my cousins (that are around my age) were seated at the same table, I got to nerd out about Disneyland (we’re all Disney babies), showed them all pictures of Rory (my puppy has a name now!), drank beer, etc. That night we also went to the after party at some club in the GasLamp. I felt soooooo out of place. All the girls had tight dresses and heels — I wore this dress and a maroon cardigan with pink ballet flats. But my sister, her boyfriend, and I went to a pub called the Hopping Pig afterwards and I had pulled pork sliders, so yay!

Alright, folks. I gotta do some homework. Wow… that just sounds weird. o___O

PS: Check out my “A Guide to the Whoniverse” post on Imaginary Battles!

outfit details:

  • dress: Bebop
  • shoes: Target
  • earrings: Lucky Brand
  • ring: gift from my cousin
  • clutch: Coach
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Something old

I don’t mean to be a pack rat, but sometimes I can’t help it, especially when it comes to toys, clothes, and shoes. Childhood toys all hold nostalgic value, and with clothes and shoes, even if I haven’t worn something for years, or ever, I keep some items because I know think I’ll eventually wear them.

Case in point: the BCBG Girls skirt I am wearing pictured above. I got it on sale at Dillard’s when I was a senior in high school (which was a LONG time ago). Over the years, I’d take it out of the closet and try to pair with some tops and cardigans or boleros, but I always ended up hating the outfit all together. Yesterday, a metaphoric light bulb lit up above my head when I saw my grey camisole lying on the floor (I need to clean my room so badly), and my kelley green cardigan hanging in the closet. After that, I thought WWEPD? <– What Would Emma Pillsbury Do?

Emma Pillsbury, in case you don’t know, is the adorable school counselor with manic OCD on Glee. She’s got the retro-granny chic look down to a t with her cardigans, pencil skirts, brooches, sweater clips, etc. She’s too precious, I can’t stand it. Anyway, I rummaged through all my jewelry trying to find this yellow-beaded vintage necklace I’ve had since forever, but of course when I need it I have no idea where it is. I tried on some brooches… they all looked odd. I was starting to give up hope on my outfit, but then I remembered these green crystal necklaces my mom and I got at an estate sale earlier this year! Outfit saved. *phew*

outfit details:

  • cardigan: Old Navy
  • necklace: purchased at an estate sale
  • camisole: Kirkland
  • skirt: BCBG Girls
  • shoes: Target
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Today was exhausting and I feel like I didn’t even really do anything. Is that weird?

This afternoon I went to have my picture taken in my cap and gown at a photography studio. It was a bit awkward, and the photographer was not a fan of my no-tooth-smile. Other than that, he was a pretty silly dude. I’ve had my picture taken by him many moons ago when I was in high school. Remember when it was cool to get professional photos done with your friends (or in my case my sister and cousins)? Yep. That’s what we did. We didn’t take the proofs home, so I can’t show y’all how they turned out. I ended up only really like one out of 14  or so poses I did.

Once I got home my boss called and asked me to take care of something if I could (I’ve been telecommuting), and I said sure. I actually tried doing the task last night, but it was one of those things that seem simple, but the steps in doing it were actually quite complicated. I ended up working from 2:30 to 6:40. Oi! It had to do with setting up autoresponders on Kick Start Cart. I’ll eventually get it.

Somehow I managed to slip reading back into my life. The last book I read was One Day by Harvy Nicholls and I think that was in March. If you haven’t read it yet, run like your ass is on fire to the nearest bookstore. That book broke my heart and haunted me for days after reading it — in a good way. It even made me want to start writing fiction again! I have a story idea that was inspired from One Day, I just need to sit down and tweak with it a bit more. All I have are notes so far.  As of late I’m juggling between Tina Fey’s memoir Bossypants and Barbara Comyns’ novel Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead. Comyn’s book is a lot darker than I originally thought it would be — it’s about the Willoweed family and the English village they live in. The story starts off in the middle of a flood and ducks are swimming around the Willoweed house, dead animals are strewn about, Grandmother Willoweed is concerned about her rose bed, and a slew of unfortunate deaths occur with the village folk. AH! Good stuff so far though.

outfit details:

  • cardigan: H&M
  • brooch: from the flea market
  • ring: from a vendor at SFSU
  • top: I don’t know, but it’s from Ross
  • pants: some off brand from TJ Maxx
  • shoes: Bearpaw