Nearly Hibernating Grizzly Bear

Last night Tim took me to see one his favorite bands, Grizzly Bear, at the Fox Theater in Oakland! I’m not completely familiar with their catalog, but I’ve heard some of their music prior to the show and I dig it. Their latest studio album Shields came out last month, so they’ve been touring to support it.

I felt really bad though because I got really sleepy in the middle of their set. It’s not that I found them boring or anything of that nature (I think they’re an awesome live band!), but it didn’t help that some of their songs were on the mellow side. I felt my head bob a few times willing to take my body into complete submission, but I fought it! I suppose if I happen to wake up at 5:30 am the day I’m going to a concert, I should find some time to take a power nap beforehand. The woman I stood by was completely immersed in the music, making elaborate gestures as if she was conducting the band; she was also drunk by way of 4 cups of Stella Artois, but I was still quite envious of her energy as I struggled to remain conscious.

Here’s my favorite song, “Yet Again”, off their new album:

Despite my sleepiness, I had a good time at the show. 🙂