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Whimsic Alley’s Holiday Geeky Craft Faire

Hey my little ponies! Over the weekend I got to be a vendor at Whimsic Alley‘s holiday geek craft faire with my friend Jen who makes super adorable fandom inspired hair bows and brooches @ Walrus Of the Sea. I’ve only done a few shows scattered over the span of the past 3 or so years, and this is by far the best one I’ve ever gotten to be apart of. 😀

It was a two-day show and I was in really good company with Riddle’s Tea Shoppe right across from me (also dangerous because I was basically shopping when things got slow), Crafted Cuteness off to the side, and 1138 Clothing not too far from me either. There were other awesome vendors there too like Nerdy But Still Girly and S&S Ink.

We ran into a few little snafus when it came to setting up our table — the main thing being poor lighting. We forgot that it was a wee bit dark inside Whimsic Alley’s Great Hall, so Jen went across the street and bought some Christmas lights and tea lights for us to put up around our table. While she was gone, a customer came by our booth and said, “I wish there were lights at this table.” Luckily, Jen came back and we had it all set up by the time they came around a second time! After the show I bought another string of Christmas lights to put on the bottom boarder of the table. It really helped bring everything out!

Unfortunately, the spots for next year’s holiday craft faire sold out already. But doing this show put a spring in my step and gave me more confidence in what I’m doing with my Etsy store. 🙂

Speaking of which, I’ll be opening my shop up again this week with my brand new Star Wars necklaces!! And Jen’s shop will have more listings for her adorable fandom hair bows and brooches, so check out her stuff too!

For those that stopped by and checked out our stuff, thank you!! ♥


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Nerdvember: The Final Week!

Whoooops, I’ve been so busy with work and trying to finish up inventory for Whimsic Alley’s Geeky Faire (which is happening TOMORROW!) that I totally forgot to make a post about my outfits for the final week of Set to Stunning’s Nerdvember challenge/contest! Mah bad.

Day 22: Winter is Coming

My sister and I headed to San Francisco so she could check out the ModCloth Fit Shop and meet up with our friend Brooke. I decided to wear my Lulu Tops Westeros Map dress (I do believe it’s a faux version of the Black Milk Clothing one, but whatever), a pair of earrings by Nerdy Buy Still Girly with Jon Snow and Ghost, and my Robb Stark necklace. We found the perfect snowflake backdrop at the mall to take pictures in front of too! 😀

Day 23: You Can’t Sith With Us

I layered my favorite Darth Vader pullover over my black and white tartan dress and paired it with my faux leather pink motorcycle jacket, Darth Vader brooch, and plushie Vader backpack. Kind of felt very Mean Girls x Clueless.

Day 24: Where the Wild Things Are

I layered my Where the Wild Things Are pullover by Out of Print Clothing over the Old Navy dress I wore for my cousin’s wedding, but totally didn’t realize how wrinkled it was until my friend Norma took my picture after we got out of class. Whoops!

Day 25: BB-8

You guys, I seriously love Utinni Bikini. I have a problem. I bought this BB-8 dress when they were having a special sale during Halloween, so I immediately placed an order. Haha! Even though I love the Dark Side, I do love some of the “good guys” too. And y’all know BB-8 has stolen my heart. ♥

Day 26: Happy Sithsgiving!

Basically a variation of Day 23’s outfit. Haha! My mom also happened to wear a Star Wars sweater for Thanksgiving too. We didn’t even plan to match, it just happened. The Force must be strong in my family! 🙂

Day 27: Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

The folks at Level Up sent me a package full of some timey-wimey goodness! I paired the TARDIS belt and pendant that came in the package with my Her Universe dress featuring all the baddies from Doctor Who, along with a pendant I made with my companion, Rory, and a hair bow by my friend Jen (Walrus of the Sea). GERONIMO!

I’ll be making a special, more detailed post about the goodies I got, so be on the lookout for that!

Day 28: You Can’t Sith With Us: Part Deux

In case you’re wondering, yes. That is ANOTHER dress by Utinni Bikini. It has AT-ATs and Stormtroopers all over it! After I placed my order for the BB-8 dress, I got a message saying that I could get another dress for a super cheap price plus free shipping, soooo I caved in. Also, I’m feelin’ this bowler hat, you guys. Not sure if you can tell since it’s popped up in quite a few of my Nerdvember photos. 😛

Day 29: BB-8: Part Deux

BB-8 FOREVER AND EVER!! I ordered this BB-8 bomber by Her Universe while my sister drove us to Disneyland for Season of the Force a few weeks ago, and it finally came in on the 25th (unbeknowst to be since my email notification was buried in my inbox). I was also feeling particularly lazy this day and couldn’t be bothered to brush my hair. But I took a picture anyway because I was very determined to get all 30 days of November documented. 😛

Day 30: Girly Looking Nerfherder

For my final outfit of Nerdvember I paired this velvet black dress with Han and Leia pins I got at Disneyland, my Millennium Falcon belt, and Darth Vader purse. On my Instagram my description was:

Han Solo vibes today because sometimes I need a reminder to be a scruffy looking badass nerfherder. And self rescuing princess, and sometimes Sith Lord… I’m complicated.

So that’s a wrap on Nerdvember! I hope you all enjoyed my geek inspired outfits throughout the month. 😀



4 Year Blogaversary Giveaway!


Last Sunday marked Le Fancy Geek’s 4 year blogaversary! To celebrate, I’m giving away some fun Minnie Mouse items to one of my lucky readers. Yes, that means you!!!

The winner will receive:

  • 1 Minnie Mouse x LeSportsac Ryan bag (pictured above)
  • 1 Minnie Mouse x LeSportsac travel cosmetic bag
  • 1 par of Mickey & Minnie earring clings by Nerdy But Still Girly
  • 1 Minnie Mouse Tsumtsum
  • 1 Minnie Mouse brooch by Le Fancy Geek Boutique





In case you’re wondering the Ryan bag is actually a baby bag, BUT you can most definitely use it for other things like school, work, the gym — the side pockets would be perfect for storing large water bottles to quench your thirst at the gym or wherever you go!

As always, the giveaway is open to all of my old and new readers. Just please don’t follow and then unfollow, because that’s not very nice. US residents only (sorry, international ponies). The giveaway ends next Monday, May 11!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks so much to LeSportsac and Nerdy But Still Girly for sponsoring this giveaway! And thanks to all of you for following along for the past 4 years… or 3 or 2… or however long you’ve been following Le Fancy Geek). 😀


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Geeky Faire @ Whimsic Alley

My trip to LA was full of all kinds of geekiness! Jen and I, along with our friend Danielle, stopped by Whimsic Alley last Friday, which is a mecca for all things geek (Harry Potter, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey — you name it, they have it), and they happened to be having their Geeky Faire the weekend we were there. If that’s not serendipity, then I don’t know what is!

I had heard of their Geeky Faire from some of the folks I follow on Instagram, so I inquired about how often they have it, and the next thing I knew I was signing a contract and forking over my credit card to be a vendor at their Geeky Faire in December! Needless to say, I’m extremely excited!!! Jen will be sharing a table with me selling her geek wares too. She has yet to make them, but once her Etsy store is up and running I’ll share her work with you ponies. 🙂

Whimsic Alley has a door that looks like the TARDIS which leads visitors to a room that resembles the Great Hall in Harry Potter. It’s pretty effin’ spectacular. Anyhow, that’s where the Geeky Faire was held. Jen and I headed back on Sunday to check it out before we headed back to Stockon. And holy crap, you guys! It took everything in me to not throw my money at every vendor that was there. Everyone had so many geektastical things to offer, and I can’t wait until December because hellooo Christmas shopping… for myself!

I didn’t get a chance to hit up all the vendors, but here are some that really caught my attention:

1138 Clothing:

ACCIO LUNA LOVEGOOD DRESS. –clears throat– I said, ACCIO LUNA LOVEGOOD DRESS. Ugh! But seriously, are you not drooling over that Luna Lovegood dress with the Peter Pan collar?! I can’t stop thinking about it!

Nerdy But Still Girly:

I ended up buying a pair of Jon Snow and Ghost cling earrings from Nerdy But Still Girly. How could I not? Look at how precious they are! If I wasn’t on a budget, best believe I would’ve gotten so much more from their booth.

Aun-Juli’s Whimsy & Watercolors:

I was so excited to see fandom tea from Adagio at the Geeky Faire! I got a Game of Thrones blend during the holidays, and it’s quite delicious. Aun-Juli had some of her blends on hand featuring her beautiful watercolor artwork. Be sure to check out her tea blends here. I picked up sample tins of Elven Nectar, TARDIS, and Dalek Specialtea.


Look at how elegant these geeky silhouette necklaces are! My favorites are the Han Solo and Sherlock ones. 🙂

A Bird in the Hand:

I’m a sucker for a geeky mug, and A Bird in the Hand has soooo many to choose from! I found myself particularly drawn to the Shaun of the Dead mug that says “You’ve Got Red on You” and the Accio Tea mug. Ugh, so cute! And so perfect to sip some fandom tea out of!

Kit’s Designs:

How great are these book necklaces and earrings? Kit’s Designs also had some really great boxes with beloved book covers from Edgar Allan Poe, The Fault in Our Stars, etc.

Crafted Cuteness:

Jen and I couldn’t stop squeeling at this table. Their My Little Ponys and Adiposes absolutely slayed me!

I seriously cannot wait until December! I hope I’ll see some of you ponies there too! 🙂