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Once Upon a Smorgasbord Update & Sale!

Hey all! Like I mentioned in my last post, I started a post Mother’s Day sale on my Etsy store Once Upon a Smorgasbord since I wasn’t able to do one in time for the actual holiday itself. Oops.

From now until May 20, use code OOPS10 to get 10% off your purchase 🙂

Here are some of the latest additions to the store:

Padme Amidala necklace
Queen Elinor from Brave necklace
A vintage illustration of a mother and child on a French chandelier crystal pendent
My Little Pony – Coconut Dream necklace
My Little Pony – Skywishes necklace
Hello Kitty necklace
Adventure Time – Jake the Dog necklace
Donald Duck necklace
Cinderella & Prince Charming earrings
Jawa earrings


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Sac-Con Recap

On Sunday I went to my very first convention as a vendor! Sac-Con was a pretty amazing and freakishly scary experience for me. Why freakishly scary though? Oh, well I dunno… maybe because a majority of the items I was selling were my handmade necklaces and earrings from my Etsy store, so I had a personal stake in it, y’know? And it’s absolutely nerve wracking having some people check out your table for a few seconds and move along to the next one, or having people ask how much one of my handmade necklaces or earrings were and be completely appalled by the price. Many of my pieces are one of a kind — I have no intention on making another one exactly like it, and I use ‘spensive genuine Swarovski crystals, thus the reason why a My Little Pony necklace is priced at $35. Despite that, quite a few people swung by my table numerous times, so that was pretty cool!

Overall I found the whole thing to be a good learning experience and a step forward with my jewelry thang. 🙂 Plus I met some pretty awesome people and got tons of compliments on my pieces, SO YAAAY!

The pieces left over from the show will be up on Once Upon a Smorgasbord sometime tomorrow or Thursday. I’ll post an update once they go up. But for now, here are some pictures of my booth and a few cosplayers Tim found! 🙂


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Of Little Ponies & Unicorns

outfit details – dress: Xhileration // peter pan collar necklace: M Style // my little pony necklace: Once Upon a Smorgasbord (I made it!) // glasses: derek cardigan (buy here)

This is something that I think of almost everyday and it constantly annoys me because I can never think of a good answer for it: If I were a My Little Pony, what would my cutie mark be? No, I’m serious. I think about this a lot. Cutie marks are like tattoos, y’know? Once you have it it’s there FOREVER. I already know that I will eventually get a tattoo of Rory, a carousel horse, and the Gallifreyan symbol for ‘friend,’ but if I were a MLP I wouldn’t want a dog on the side of my ass! I used to think I’d have chocolate chip cookies on the side of my flank (because I love cookies, duh), and later on I thought maybe a book + quill (for my love of reading and writing), and now I’m like maybe a laptop (for my love of the internet?)… or a pile of Swarovski crystals (because I love to make necklaces)? I DON’T KNOW. And let’s not even talk about what color combination I would be. UGH.

It’s normal for a woman that just turned 27 last Saturday to think of things like this, right? o,0

So anywho — why do I keep talking about ponies? Um, because they’re awesome. Duh. And I also started experimenting with my jewelry making skills by using toys as pendents! Specifically My Little Pony toys. I know this isn’t an original idea, but I wasn’t too crazy about some of the ones I’ve seen made, so I wanted to put my own spin on it. I approach my jewelry making the same way I dress myself — how can I incorporate geeky/childish elements without looking like a 12-year-old, but still age appropriate? I think I succeeded in making them simple, yet fun, statement necklaces that anyone anypony can wear! 🙂

After making the Rarity necklace (pictured above) I decided to keep it because… well, she’s my favorite! She’s a unicorn with a purple mane who loves fashion. How could she not be my favorite?

All the ones pictured above are currently listed on Once Upon a Smorgasbord 😉

I’ve been cranking out necklace after necklace for the past two weeks and I’m really excited about them! I have all sorts of things planned for my Etsy store this year and these MLP necklaces are just one of those things. Hope you guys like them!


PS: If any of you happen to play the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic game on the iPad/iPhone, add me! My Gameloft username is ‘chezfancypants’ 😀

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Lions, and Tigers, but no Bears. Aww man!

outfit details – bomber jacket: Espirit // polar bear pullover: Forever 21 (buy here) // purse: Coach // necklace: Swarovski // glasses: Derek Cardigan (buy here) // jeggings: Vera Wang // boots: Steve Madden

‘ello! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I know I did (on account of Saturday being the anniversary of my birth)!

To celebrate my entry into my late 20s (oh my god, I was 17 ten years ago?!), Tim and I went to the Sacramento Zoo to hang out with the animals! I had never been there before, plus the thought of being able to feed a giraffe was too exciting. That’s actually something I wrote on a bucket list I created when I was in high school — feed a giraffe. I’m obsessed with tide pools and stingrays at aquariums, I suppose I’m just really enticed by the idea of being able to interact with wild animals. But alas, when feeding time came the giraffes weren’t interested in the food. Apparently during the winter they just don’t care that much about om noms because they’ve already stored enough energy or something like that.

But I WILL feed a giraffe one day! It’s gonna happen, dammit!

Fun fact time: Betty White helped raise money for the zoo’s giraffe exhibit in 2009. BETTY WHITE INTERACTED WITH THE GIRAFFES I SAW WITH MY OWN TWO EYES. <– I’m also obsessed with Betty White. Who isn’t?

I’m trying to get back into the habit of bringing little toys with me to document the places I go, so I brought Rarity and my little Rory Williams action figure that Jennifer got me for my birthday! I also wore my polar bear sweater to go along with the zoo theme of the day, but to my surprise the Sacramento Zoo doesn’t have any sort of bear exhibit. 😦

The lack of bears didn’t ruin my trip though, I saw tons of other interesting animals like the singing gibbons (Google them, they’re all kinds of entertaining), a pensive primate (pictured above), an eastern bongo (pictured above), and some wild kitty cats! I couldn’t get any decent shots of the lions, the tiger, or the snow leopard (it was so small, it looked like it was as big as a Border Collie), but I managed to take a picture of the jaguar. 🙂

The red panda was by far the cutest critter there, it totally reminded me of Rory (my dog, not the action figure)! But my new favorite zoo animal has to be lemurs because they were ridiculous amounts of fun to watch — I think Tim and I spent a good 10 minutes watching them run around and sun bathe. Especially since one of them kept holding their arms out in a way that said both “come at me bro” and “look at me, I’m fabulous!”

And speaking of fabulous, anteaters (Tim’s new favorite animal) look like they’re ready for the red carpet. I don’t know, there’s just something glamourous about them. Oh, and we totally saw some anteater action of the bow-chicka-bow-wow kind… y’know what I’m sayin’? It was so weird.

Overall, it was a good birthday! After the zoo we went to Old Town, ate dinner at Tower Cafe (if you’re in Sac you’ve gotta try the Malaysian Chicken Sandwich, holy crap!), did some shopping, and had a pizookie at BJ’s. Om nom nom.



Tag. I’M IT!

I’ve been tagged by Megan of Megan’s Beaded Designs to do this questionairre thingy that’s been floating from blog to blog! The premise of it is that one blogger comes up with 8 questions to ask 8 other bloggers, and for each blogger that’s tagged they have to tag 8 bloggers to answer questions and come up with their own. Did that make any sense? I hope it did. o,0

According to the rules, once you’re tagged, here’s what you MUST do:

1. You must post the rules. (Voila! These are THE RULES.)

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.

3. Create eight new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

4. Tag eight people with a link to your post.

5. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

(Aren’t 4&5 basically the same thing…?)

Here are the questions Megan asked me (along with my answers):

1. What are you going to dress up as for Halloween this year? (And if you aren’t going to dress up, do you know how lame you are?)
I DON’T KNOW! I may just dress up like Minnie Mouse again since I’ve got the ears and plenty of clothes to play around with. My boyfriend and I talked about being Gonzo and Camilla from The Muppets, but he seems to have teetered off into other costume ideas. I really want to be Han Solo, but I don’t have time (or money) to put that costume together! UGH.  So, I’ll most likely be Minnie Mouse.

2. If you had to choose just one: coffee or tea?
Tea. My favorite is chamomile. I love coffee, but I haven’t been able to drink it for the past 3 years — it gives me migraines and horrible tummy aches now 😦

3. What’s the BEST vacation destination you’ve ever been to?
I really want to say Europe, specifically Venice, Paris, and London, but I went to Venice when I was 10 or 11, and the latter two when I was 16. I didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time in Paris or London — we went on some sort of travel tour. So I’m just going to say DISNEYLAND, because it is magical place and you can act like a kid without anyone looking at you like you’re completely bonkers. And they have the most amazing corn dogs.

4. Which Disney character do you resonate most with, and why?
Oh my goodness. A Disney related question. These are always tough for me to answer! I guess Ariel from The Little Mermaid because I felt like I related to her very much when I was a kid — we love to collect all sorts of crap treasure, we love to swim, our fathers are very loving but overprotective, and we want the impossible. But nowadays I find myself relating to Belle a bit more (and Rex from Toy Story).

5. What’s your favorite piece of life-advice?
“Make good art.” – Neil Gaiman

6. How annoyed with me are you that you’ve been tagged?
Not annoyed at all! I just had issues trying to figure out who to tag. If anything, this was a wake-up call for me to branch out and befriend other bloggers.

7. What’s your favorite season, and why?
Hands down, I love Fall. I love bundling up in layers, wearing boots and cardigans all day long, stomping on crunchy yellow and orange leaves, overcast skies, and drinking tea or hot chocolate. I just adore cold weather.

8. What book do you recommend most often?
I always, always, always recommend Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Truman Capote. But lately John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars is what I’ve been sputtering about the most these days.

Now here are MY questions for the Bloggers I’ve tagged:

1. If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

2. What are you currently obsessing over (TV show, movie, product, piece of clothing, etc)?

3. What song is currently stuck in your head?

4. If you were told you were adopted, who would you hope your biological parents would be?

5. What 3 items must be inside your purse at all times?

6. What is your favorite Disney movie? If you say you don’t like Disney, I won’t believe you.

7. What fictional character do you relate to the most and why?

8. Where do you seek fashion inspiration from?

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The Fruity Detoxification Dilemma

I’ve always been curious about detoxing and cleanses, but never bothered to fully look into them. Last month I started to push myself in a healthier direction by frequenting the gym at least 3-4 times a week for an hour and a half, doing Zumba (on my Wii), and doing a few Jillian Michaels DVDs (the latter two will kick your ass). Not too long into my attempt at being healthy, Groupon sent me an email with an offer for a 5-day fruit detox cleanse from A Choice For Life. Five days of eating nothing but fruit? HELL YES! I figured I could totally do that. I punched in my card number and clicked the ‘buy it’ button.

Fast forward to today.

I’m on day 2 and I am SO. F*CKING. MISERABLE.

gif courtesy of

Honestly, today is going a bit better than yesterday though. Yesterday I was a bitchy lethargic forlorn zombie. I went out to buy fruit and juice to consume for the next 5 days and what was my nose greeted with as I walked to the front door? Why, it was the smell of pork chops and chicken! WHAT THE HELL? We didn’t eat like that a week ago. Why is my family suddenly making food I want to eat? As I chomp on a peach I think of fish ‘n chips, cheeseburgers, tacos, cookies, and bacon, and other yummy things that are not healthy but taste so good.

I watched some episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because that’s all my brain could really take and low and behold, they’re having a picnic. With cookies. COOKIES! Seriously, I never thought a cartoon could make me that upset over food. By that time I had already drunk 32 oz of apple juice. I felt delirious, weak, angry, and obviously I was starving.

My best friend Shanice started a juicing diet on Sunday and plans to do it for 2 months. I texted her to see how she’s doing and tell her I am going crazy. Hoping to hear she’s doing fine, she tells me she wants a pizza. After that, I can’t stop thinking about pizza.

I called Tim around 7:30 for emotional support. Our conversation went like this:

Tim: Hey!

Me: [sounding like I’m on my deathbed] Hi, booyfrieeend.

Tim: Oh my God, are you okay?

Me: [sounding like I’m crying because I’m holding back tears] Noooo.

Tim: What’s the matter?

Me: My cleanse.

Tim: What?

Me: My cleanse! My stupid cleanse. I’m so HUNGRY and I want a Double Double from Inn-N-Out.

I think I probably scared him at first due to my being dramatic.

This is basically what I looked like while I was on the phone with Tim.
photo via Tumblr

Well… 3 more days of this and I’ll be DONE. I’ve already lost 2 lbs, so it’s nice to know it’s working. I plan on writing about my overall experience with more details about the A Choice For Life detox cleanse, so expect a write-up sometime next week!

I guess I’ll go drink some grape juice now. 😦