geek style


While looking at some of the shops around Cannery Row, I stumbled upon a Himalayan store that sold wool knitted novelty hats. Amongst the menagerie of wooly wearable animals was a unicorn! I tried it on for fun, but grew more and more attached to it. My love for unicorns never went away, nor do I think it ever will. Naturally, I bought it. 🙂

I showed everyone when I got home! I think my parents were fairly amused by my purchase (I think they’re used to me buying random things that a 25-year-old wouldn’t normally buy), but my dad said that it looked more like a hippo with a horn than a horse, thus the hat has been dubbed as the “hippocorn.”

Whether it looks like a hippocorn or unicorn is all in the eye of the beholder, but either way it’s still a freakin’ rad hat.

out & about


On Wednesday Jen, Shanice, Thomas and I headed to Monterey for a micro vacation! It didn’t exactly go as we had hoped — we got jipped on SO MANY THINGS. From food to souvenirs, and even the places we planned to visit! We went on the 17 Mile drive to go to Pebble Beach, but we passed it on the way (we couldn’t find the entrance part to the beach). We were all tired and hungry, so we said “Eff it” and checked into the hotel, then went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Dinner was good (we don’t have a CPK in Stockton anymore, and we miss their tiramisu!), we were just a bit bummed about the whole Pebble Beach thing.

Afterwards we did some exploring. Shanice and I both loooove Salt Water Taffy and I saw an add for a candy store on Cannery Row that had over 70 flavors!!! And it was in the same shopping center the big antique mall I wanted to go to was in. However, all the stores were already closed. 😦

Oh, you know how they weigh candy to determine how much it is? Well, my original amount came out as $15. I was like, “HELL NO!” I mean, that is a ridiculous amount, right? So I went back and tried to dump out as much as I could, but I was getting irritated by running to all the different flavors and once again said, “Eff it” and just bought it. My new total came out as $13. x____x

Maybe I should’ve tried to control my taffy urges. Anywho…

O.P.I. nail polish “Rumple’s Wiggin”

At least I got to take some fun pictures. I’ll share photos from the 17 Miles drive shortly! 🙂

outfit details:

  • jacket: ???
  • shirt: Her Universe (purchased at Comic-Con)
  • skirt: Old Navy
  • boots: Blowfish
  • purse: M. Rossetti