Burfday Presents!

I got some really fantastical things for my birthday, and even a couple of the items that I put on my wish list!

Tim got me Doctor Who series 6, a radically epic Doctor Who & Scott Pilgrim mashup shirt (but it’s too small for me :(), and the carousel necklace from Disney Couture. AAAHHH!!! πŸ˜€

My sister got me these really cute Tiffany blue-ish ribbon earrings which I have been wearing since Thursday. πŸ™‚

Annnnd, Jen got me a bag of this Japanese candy I really like and a little Winnie the Pooh phone charm. When we went shopping out of town, Tim got me the Sleeping Beauty pullover I really wanted from Forever 21, and my mom surprised me with a Missoni knitted cap that I really wanted from their Target collection!!

I don’t I’ve ever gotten so many birthday gifts in my adult life πŸ˜€

This post is my big THANK YOU letter for all my wonderful gifts. I love each and every one of the things I was given, and love the people who got them for me even more. ❀

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Lodi Street Faire

Every May and October my mom and I wake up at the ass crack of dawn to head to the Lodi Street Faire. Why so early? To get first dibs on all the goods, of course! In May I wrote a post with 10 tips about shopping at these kinds of things (Tip #10: Get there early).

You can find the aforementioned post here.

We ended up getting there around 7 am (an hour later than we would’ve liked), but I still managed to score a bunch of awesome swag. My first find was a vintage Wicket coin bank (I love Ewoks, and my dog looks like one — I had to have it). The vendor originally asked for $10, then I asked if she’d take $8, and she was like, “Well, I originally wanted $15 for it… blah blah,” but then she went ahead and gave it to me for $8. LE WOOT! <– Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Seriously, it doesn’t hurt to try and bargain with vendors. I have weird social anxiety issues, so I always had a problem doing this — my mom still has to encourage me to ask if they’ll lower the price. *nervous laughter* I think I’m getting a bit better at it though! And a lot of vendors are usually willing to negotiate the prices of their merchandise with shoppers.

Other items I scored:

  • Snake bracelet (marked at $16, I asked for $10, but the lowest they’d go was $12)
  • Nefertiti necklace ($5 — it kind of reminds me of my Mona Lisa necklace)
  • Enamel horse pendant w/chain (marked at $32.50, I asked the vendor if they’d take it for $25 and I ended up getting it for $27 something because they added tax… weird)
  • Japanese lion musical pendant ($10 — it winds up in the back and plays music!)
  • Not pictured, but my mom and I also split on a box full of silk bow ties ($20)

It was nice and cold this morning and a cool breeze came in around 8, but by 11 the sun was blaring. Can’t the Central Valley just have real Fall weather already? I’m ready to wear cardigans, scarves, and boots ALL DAY LONG. I’ve been ready since Winter ended! D:

outfit details:

  • scarf: Missoni for Target
  • cardigan: Mossimo (Target)
  • camisole: Xhiliration (Target)
  • belt: some Target brand… I love Target, okay? Sheesh.
  • jeggings: H&M
  • boots: Madden Girl
  • purse: Cynthia Rowley

Purple Stuff

courtesy of

Tomorrow I’m heading back to Lowes with my dad to pick up some spackle and purple paint! I’m hella excited to paint over the dreary white walls in my Fortress of Solitude — they’re kinda icky looking since they have tons of thumbtack holes and sticky tape residue from the days my sister and I wallpapered the place with *NSYNC pinups. Haha…

I’ve been on the fence about my color choices though. I figured that the slightly darker purple shade would mostly be covered by my dresser and bookshelf, but my mom told me she thinks that it’s all a bit too My Little Pony-ish. And you know what? She was dead on…

I bought that My Little Pony a few years ago because I felt if I were a MLP, I would look like that. πŸ™‚

My mom suggested that I keep one of the purples (I like the one on the left) and then paint one wall eggplant so it won’t look so overwhelming since both shades are quite similar.

I’m hoping to find a shade of eggplant like this:

courtesy of Flickr

I’ve never had a crazy colored room before, so I’ve been Googling to see how others have decorated their purple rooms and I’m totally loving the antique gold frames/mustardy yellow accents in the examples pictured above. My comforter is magenta with dark purple, green, and orange accents so I’m focusing on that bit.

You know how Target has that special Missoni collection that is flying off the shelves like crazy (which I find weird since I only think a handful of the things are cute)? They have this floral shower curtain that I want to get to close off my closet since it doesn’t have a doors. I don’t know if it’s vinyl or nylon, but if it’s nylon I think it’d be perfect! The curtain I have covering my closet is kinda fug (white with a beige leaf print thing… I didn’t put it there, it all happened when I moved to Daly City!), I want to find something that fits in with the purple, magenta, green scheme. I want the Missoni comforter that’s the same print as the shower curtain, but it’s $99.99 so I’m gonna have to pass. 😦

courtesy of Kurt Halsey

I’ve been drooling over this Kurt Halsey poster for damn near 2 years! It’s on sale at Art Star Philly for cheapsies, so I think I’m gonna have to pick it up really soon. I think this would look nice over my vanity or near my bed.

So many changes are about to happen — my room’s getting a facelift and then my baby’s coming home! AHHH!!! I’m all anxious now. Thank God my professor gave everyone one “late” pass to use on any assignment. Our first big essay is coming up and I’m kinda worried that all this make-over, puppy prepping stuff might get in the way. o___0