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Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving (to all of you who celebrate it)!!! If not, Happy Thursday!!!

Tim and I managed to get through the terrible holiday traffic in LA on our way back home from Disneyland yesterday (we were stuck in LA for 3 hours!). So we spent most of our actual one year anniversary in a car. Super romantic, right? Tim was a trooper and drove the whole way while I kept bobbing in and out of sleep. ūüė¶

I’ll post some pictures from our trip in a future blog post. For now, here are a couple of outfit shots from the day we decided to dress up fancy! The pictures were taken somewhere in the Hollywood Backlot area of California Adventure. I didn’t even have to put an outfit together for Tim — he’s just naturally dapper like that. I’m so proud! ūüôā

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and I just want to say I’m super thankful for my family for being awesome and very supportive, to my friends for being great confidants and fun people to be around and have great adventures with, my baby Rory for being the bestest dog EVER, and to my boyfriend Tim — thank you for encouraging me in all my artistic endeavors, for supporting me in all ways possible, and for walking downstairs with me to the vending machines at the Days Inn at 4 in the morning so I could get water for my heartburn/stomachache and for offering to drive around the corner to buy me some Peptobismol despite the fact that you’d have to drive 10 hours back home from Disneyland the following afternoon. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! And Happy One Year Anniversary!

I hope you all get to spend Thanksgiving with amazing people and eat delicious om noms!!!


outfit details

cardigan: Kersh (got it at Costco!) //¬†shirt: Xhileration (from Target, super old) //¬†necklace: Disney Couture (buy it here) //¬†belt: Xhileration //¬†skirt: ‘Princess’ Vera Wang (buy it here) //¬†boots: Steve Madden //¬†purse: M. Rossetti //¬†glasses: Derek Cargidan (buy it here¬†or get it for free w/code FIRSTPAIRFREE) //¬†button: Disneyland!

hat: Banana Republic (buy it here) // shirt: Banana Republic (buy it here) // sweater: Banana Republic (buy it here — I think that’s his sweater anyway…) // blazer: Banana Republic (buy it here) // jeans: Levis // shoes: Aldo (buy it here)

geek style


le fancy nerd

Every time Shanice and I go shopping and pass by the men’s department, we always say, “Damn, I really want to help a guy go shopping!” And Jen and I always talk about how nice it must be to be a guy because they don’t have to worry about dresses and skirts — they just have simple things like trousers, jeans, sweaters, vests, blazers, ties, etc. I absolutely adore menswear. I’d honestly rather flip through an issue of GQ rather than Vogue or some other women’s fashion magazine because guys just get to wear really amazing things.

I’ve told Tim every now and then (before we got together) that if he ever needed help shopping for clothes to let me know because I just really want to help a man buy clothes. He trusts my tastes in things since I helped him find a pair of comfy, yet stylish, shoes for his trip to Europe last year at Aldo. Tim finally asked if I would help him pick out clothes, and I was like, “YES! I’ve been asking you to let me help you go shopping for how long???”

Here's a better view of the herringbone elbow patches

On Saturday we went to Modesto to go to the Build-A-Bear Workshop (more on that later), and afterwards we went to H&M. I like Tim’s personal style, but I’ve seen him dress fancy before and he looks goooood. So I was like a kid in a candy store sorting through all the button-up shirts, jackets, and sweaters that I thought would make him look like a GQMF (GQ Mother F*cker, in case you didn’t know). There were a few things I picked out that looked better on the hanger, but I found a really nice crew neck sweater with herringbone elbow patches and two patterned button-up shirts that he could wear under them, a pair of grey trousers, and a cranberry v-neck sweater [not pictured]. We still need to find a dark gray button-up to go under that.

I think I did a good job. ūüėÄ