Twenty Things

Hello my little ponies! I was tagged on one of those “20 Things About Me” memes on Instagram by Ninjabutterfly awhile ago, so I figured I’d post it here rather than on Instagram so it won’t take up so much space on any of my follower’s Instagram feeds 🙂

  1. I don’t really need to wear glasses all the time (I have a very light prescription for reading), but I choose to wear them anyway because my face feels terribly naked without them.
  2. I can sing along to 95% of the Miss Saigon soundtrack.
  3. The Disney and Motown stations are my favorites to listen to on Pandora.
  4. The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland always freaked me because death is a scary concept to me, but I actually enjoy it now.
  5. My Top 5 favorite Disney Princesses are: Snow White, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, and Rapunzel.
  6. Puppies and ponies are my favorite animals.
  7. I’ve been to many, many *NSYNC concerts. So many that I don’t even know the exact amount. My guess is 8. 
  8. I may or may not have teared up a little when Justin Timberlake said he was sharing his Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award with the rest of the *NSYNC boys at the VMAs.
  9. I feel horribly embarrassed for characters in TV shows and movies when they do something stupid — I actually feel uncomfortable and sometimes need to avert my eyes from the screen to avoid feeling more embarrassment.
  10. I started watching Breaking Bad earlier this year, but it’s hard for me to watch because it stresses me out!
  11. I want Anna Kendrick and Karen Gillan to be my BFFs because I think we can all be goofy together. Our besties name would be Anna Karenina. <– awesome, right?!
  12. I love shopping, but I abhor shopping for bras. I think it’s the worst.
  13. I have books personally signed by Joshua Braff (The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green) and Neil Gaiman (The Ocean at the End of the Lane).
  14. The last physical album I bought was The Blessed Unrest by Sara Bareilles.
  15. My two favorite scents are freshly baked cookies and books.
  16. My favorite Beatles song is “Eleanor Rigby.”
  17. Tom Hanks is my favorite actor of all time.
  18. John Krasinski has been one of my ultimate celebrity crushes for the longest time, but I’ve never seen a full season of The Office besides the first one. I know. I KNOW. That’s weird.
  19. I prefer Greek mythology to Roman mythology because I think they have spiffier names.
  20. I like watching shows about weddings like Say Yes to the Dress, My Fair Wedding, and Four Weddings while I hula hoop. Oh, and What Not to Wear (even though I think they basically dress every person the same way) as well!

If you list 20 things about yourself on one of your blog posts, put a link to it down below in the comments section! I love to learn about my readers 🙂


PS: In case you’re wondering, my Darth Vader dress is by Her Universe. You can get one here!

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What’s in a Meme?

This meme is floating about, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Also, I wore this outfit yesterday and when I was walking to my car in the school parking lot, some random dude said, “You look very cute today.” 😀

A. Age: 25
B. Bed size: Does my futon count as a bed? When it’s spread out, it’s full-size.
C. Chore that you hate: Washing dishes. The way your hands smell afterwards is disgusting.
D. Dogs: Rory! I’m bringing him home this weekend. 😀
E. Essential start to your day: Bowl of cereal and checking my email.
F. Favorite color: Purple.
G. Gold or Silver: I’ve been leaning towards gold a lot these days.
H. Height: 5’4
I. Instruments you play: Kazoo.
J. Job title: Blogger.
K. Kids: Nada.
L. Live: Stockton, CA
M. Mother’s name: Carmel.
N. Nicknames: Ni, Ninner, Neener, Mocha Bear (MB), Ninamus Prime.
O. Overnight hospital stays: Nope!
P. Pet peeves: Incorrect grammar. I can tolerate interweb jargon, but if you don’t know the meaning of their, there, and they’re, or the difference between your and you’re… *shakes fist*
Q. Quote from a movie: “I’m gonna go pee due to boredom.” – Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World
R. Right or left handed: Right handed.
S. Siblings: An older seester.
U. Underwear: Y U NEED TO KNOW?
V. Vegetable you hate: I’m actually not sure. Cauliflower and brussels sprouts scare me a bit though.
W. What makes you run late: Constantly changing outfits. I usually have idea of what I want to wear the night before, but sometimes things don’t go as planned.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Dental stuff and my tummy.
Y. Yummy food that you make: Scrambled eggs with cheese. o,0
Z. Zoo animal: Giraffes. I want to feed one someday.

outfit details:

  • shirt/skirt/beanie: H&M
  • belt: Target
  • shoes: Blowfish
  • necklace: Disney Couture
  • purse: Kate Spade