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Wishful Wednesdays #2: Galactic Edition

Princess Leia Art Nouveau iPhone case // “Having a Blast Off” necklace // “Heart and Solar System” dress // AT-AT necklace by Unpossible Cuts // Lightsaber sunglasses // Felt Dalek purse by Kru Kru Studio

Last week I stumbled upon the most fuggingly epic dress I have ever laid my eyes on! Of course I found it on ModCloth so of course I can barely can’t really afford it. I mean I could, but at the same time I’m like, “Girl, save yo monies!” Watch me buy it later. I’m usually all about floral dresses, but how could I not fall in love with this gorgeous dress that has the solar system dispersed all over it? How, I ask you. HOW?! It immediately made me think of all spacey things I’m uber geeky about like Doctor Who and Star Wars, thus I based this edition of Wishful Wednesdays with galactic geeky items!

Karen Hallion is one of my favorite artists and I really dig this Princess Leia art nouveau print she did entitled “La Dauphine Aux Alderaan.” You can find it on her Society6 store as an iPhone case [pictured above], t-shirt, hoodie, pillow, etc, etc, etc. Perhaps I should feature her on Curator’s Corner one of these days. I seriously need to start that series up again! Maybe this weekend. No promises though. 0_0

I spotted the Lightsaber sunglasses at Hot Topic last week when I hung out with Shanice. I just remember being in the middle of a sentence and stopping when I saw them and immediately picked them up and said, “These sunglasses are f*cking Lightsabers!” AMAZING. They light up too! And how precious is the wooden AT-AT necklace by Unpossible Cuts? It comes in a bunch of different colors, including a soft pink shade that reminds me of strawberry ice cream. I love the little heart cutout on it too. It makes the dark side look so sweet 🙂

Another item I spotted on ModCloth is this golden rocket necklace. It reminds me of Buzz Lightyear ❤

And last but not least, my geeky galactic wish list wouldn’t be complete without something representing my love for Doctor Who! This felt Dalek purse is by Kru Kru Studio. They have tons of quirky shaped purses that are insanely detailed including the Beatles’ yellow submarine, film reels, a chess board, the TARDIS, jars of jam, and soooo much more!

What’s on your wish list as of late?



IT’S A TRAP! (not really)

It’s sad how delicious food from McDonalds tastes when you’re extremely hungry. This was the case yesterday after mine and Jen’s shift at SPD. Since we knew we were heading to Sacramento right after, we decided to feed our groaning bellies before the hour and half trip. I like to avoid eating at McDonalds. No matter how delicious the french fries and ice cream cones are, I feel like a pile of canine fecal matter after I consume anything from there. Blugh.

BUT, they had some pretty sweet Star Wars toys to accompany the Happy Meals! They also have Strawberry Shortcake, but I’m not a fan of the revamped version. She was so much cuter in the 80s/90s! I’m not ashamed to get kids meals — they come in small portions AND you get a toy. 😛

Anyway, we both got Yoda toys (I ended up giving mine to my mom), but then we noticed that they had given us an extra Strawberry Shortcake toy too. SCORE! Before Jen dropped me off at home, we stopped by another McDonalds to see if they had the little Lightsabers. She ended up going to another one and got a purple Lightsaber. o___0

I kinda thought Star Wars things were common knowledge — even if you don’t watch the films, you know the main gist of things like characters, and what Lightsabers are, etc. Last night I learned that this is not so as I heard a few employees refer to Lightsabers as “swords” and “sticks” and someone called Yoda “the green man.” I was just standing there like, “WTF? Really?”

Some people just don’t embrace their nerdiness the force.