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Blogger Comeback Era…?

Am I in my blogger comeback era? Time will tell, but I spent this past weekend completely giving Le Fancy Geek a makeover. Goodbye to my old layout! I’ll miss you. It felt like it was time to update it though because it’s been the same for the past… what? 12 or 13 years? Wow I can’t believe how old this blog is! I think the new look is a lot more reflective of me, right down to the new pink and green color palette.

I wanted to get back into blogging last year, but Rory’s unexpected death really took a toll on me. I couldn’t even bring myself to do a Year in Review post at the very least. It didn’t help that I spent Christmas and New Years recovering from COVID either. I caught it from my dad despite being so careful and masking up wherever I go! Because of La Rona, my bestie Jen and I had to postpone our SoCal getaway that we were supposed to do the first week of January. We rescheduled for February and that’s where these pics are from!

Honey and Butter is known for making the cutest and tastiest macarons. The first time I went a few years ago I got a really cute Pikachu, but this time around none of the character ones had been made yet. I also remembered that they have beautiful paper flower backdrops for the perfect photo op, so I packed this burgundy velvet dress from Blackmilk Clothing with that in mind. When I went the first time, it was an unexpected visit and I was wearing a galaxy print dress and the way I clashed in the pics my friend Syl took of me haunt me til this day!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve really gotten into k-pop and take pics of my photocards sometimes. I bought a fan-made Jackson Wang photocard and a Kuromi photocard holder for Jen so she could clown with me on this trip. We also hit up Little Tokyo and bought plenty of gashapon toys at Bandai’s pop-up store, went to The Source for k-pop stuff, and also went to a BTS cupsleeve event that had a bunch of ARMY vendors. Overall, this trip was the ultimate pick-me-up after spending the holiday season the way that I did.

Currently, I’ve been in San Diego for the past month to help my sister take care of her 3-month old son, Lucien Marcello, while her and her husband work. I’m definitely still not a baby person, but I love that little dude so fucking much. He is the only human baby I’m willing to take care of.

Here’s hoping for more consistent blogging this year!

dress: Blackmilk Clothing (n/a) | chelsea boots: Dr. Martens (buy here)
necklace: Private Paradise Co. (buy here)
bunny plushie: SPART (buy here)
photocard holders: Kuromi (buy here) | BT21 photocard (buy here)