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All Hail the Birthday Woman: Jenny Lewis ♡

On this day, thirty-nine years ago, the world was blessed with the presence that is known as Jenny Lewis (or as I like to call her, J.Lew). In case you’re not aware of the majesty that is Jenny Lewis (OMG WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW WHO SHE IS?!), please allow me to fill you in! She’s a former child actor (The Wizard, Troop Beverly Hills, etc), was the lead singer of the now defunct indie rock band Rilo Kiley, sang back-up vocals for The Postal Service, and she’s one of my absolute favorite musicians of all time! I mean, why else would I be writing a blog post about her on the anniversary of her grand debut to earth?

I list Jenny Lewis as one of my style inspirations too! Nine years ago I brought a picture of her to the hairstylist I used to go to in high school and said, “I want my bangs to look like hers.” And my forehead has hardly ever seen the light of day since. Also, homegirl has been rocking a pant suit lately that looks like the stuff daydreams and My Little Ponys are made of, and looks like a complete badass while doing so. <– this is where I’d insert an emoji of the two hands that look like they’re meant to be saying “PREACH” or “ALL HAIL”  if I could, but I can’t because there’s no option for that on WordPress. – shrugs shoulders –

Aforementioned pantsuit can be seen on the cover of her album The Voyager and promo pics for it. Or if you look at all the pics in this post, it looks like the backdrop of the stage, her guitar, the cloth on the keyboards, and whatnot.

I got hooked on Rilo Kiley 11 years ago when my sister and her boyfriend gave me a copy of Take Offs and Landings for my birthday, and my love for the band and Jenny grew from there. Rilo Kiley and Jenny’s solo work were an integral part of my college career. “Breakin’ Up” was my anthem after I finally got over my first boyfriend in my early 20s, and again more recently as I’m getting over my last relationship. That song is ridiculously infectious, heartbreaking, and empowering! Some people listen to Beyonce for that kind of thing, but I have J.Lew (and Sara Bareilles, but this post isn’t about her). 😛

Anyhow, I’d listen to Rilo Kiley and Jenny’s solo projects while on the bus, in between classes, while I was doing homework, etc. Since I studied creative writing, some of my pieces were heavily influenced by her albums Rabbit Fur Coat and Acid Tongue, and some Rilo Kiley tunes.

Rilo Kiley disbanded before I ever got a chance to see them live, and I’m still crying on the inside about it! Despite the fact that Jenny toured often and always had a show in San Francisco, I was never able to go. RUGH! It was always a case of having no money, no one to go with, and no way of getting back home (Daly City buses always ran too early). Without fail, the shows would sell out immediately once I figured I could go. I came to the conclusion that I was just never meant to see her in concert and begrudgingly accepted it.

Thankfully, that changed last October! When I went to San Diego to visit my sister, I planned it so that I’d be there the same week Jenny Lewis would be at the House of Blues, and the show was miraculously not sold out yet! Needless to say, it was the BEST. SHOW. EVER. I was up on the second level and saw these girls down in the front row losing their shit — they were singing along passionately, reaching their arms longingly towards Jenny (I felt so bad for that poor security guard that was standing in front of them) — they were pretty much an outward reflection of how I was feeling on the inside. She opened the show with “Silver Lining” and I was seriously about to start ugly crying. It was like, “Holy shit. THIS IS HAPPENING!” And when she sang “Acid Tongue” and “A Better Son/Daughter” … ugh! She sounded like a sad little angel that just had their wings ripped off. <– I mean that in a good way. She’s just so brilliant live!

Hopefully that won’t be the only Jenny Lewis concert I ever go to, but if it is I’m quite content. <– no, but seriously, that really better not be the last J.Lew concert I go to.

Happy Birthday Miss Lewis! And thanks for everything 😀


PS: Are you a Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis fan too? Lemme know in the comments section so we can fangirl together! Or if there’s a band or solo artist that you love oh so dearly, tell me about ’em.

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Top 5: A Few of My Favorite Things Edition

I’ve had “A Few of My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music stuck in my head for about an hour, so I thought, “Hmm, why not do a top 5 thingy of my current favorite things on my blog.” So very High Fidelity (and unoriginal) if I do say so myself.

1. Pullovers

I LOVE pullovers. I’m surprised I haven’t done a post completely dedicated to my growing collection yet. They’re just so nice and comfy and you can dress them up, or down. I particularly like the graphic ones, especially if there’s a Disney character on it! Jen bought this super adorable Winnie the Pooh one for me (because she’s just rad like that) the other day. Forever 21 has a plethora of cute pullovers, I can’t stand it!

2. Jammie Dodgers

I didn’t even know what the hell a Jammie Dodger was until the 11th Doctor tried to fight the Daleks off with one in Doctor Who last year. And I found them at World Market a few weeks ago. At first I thought it tasted bland, but the more I ate, the more I liked it. I like eating them with tea. It makes me feel British.

3. Dead Man’s Bones/Ryan Gosling

I’ve been listening to a lot of Dead Man’s Bones lately (Ryan Gosling’s band with Zach Shields). They only have one album out that was released a couple years ago. Dead Man’s Bones I guess could be called “indie macabre” as their sound and songs subject matter are quite eerie. My mom heard some of it and said, “You like weird music” and “This sounds emo.” *shoulder shrug*

Tim and I are currently crushing really hard on Ryan Gosling aka “Baby Goose.” I mean, who isn’t? We’re competing over who will have his accidental babies first (even though he has no idea we exist, and Tim is a straight guy and can’t procreate with another man because it’s physically impossible). I never thought I’d ever fight over a man with my best guy friend. x__x

4. Once Upon a Time

When I first saw a preview for Once Upon a Time (while watching the last Harry Potter movie) I thought, “OH MY GOD, THEY’RE RIPPING OFF FABLES!” In case you’re not familiar, Fables is a really awesome graphic novel series about fairytale characters thriving in the real world in their own community after being forced out of their Homelands by a power called The Adversary. Anywho, I looked into Once Upon a Time a bit more, and saw that it wasn’t exactly the same and actually seemed interesting. Now I anticipate every Sunday to come see what’s going to happen! And Jamie Dorman as the Sheriff… *droolz*

5. Mindy Kaling

I have a girlcrush on Mindy Kaling. I don’t watch The Office religiously, and I haven’t read her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) yet (I’m dying to get it though!), but I follow her on Twitter and read her blog, and I just feel like her and I need to be BFFs immediately. I mean, she and I love jeggings. We don’t know what real pants feel like anymore. Is that weird? Yeah, that’s probably weird. I mean, the thing about me wanting to be her BFF even though I don’t watch the show she stars and writes for all the time. Not the the thing about the jeggings. Those things rule, they’re not weird. She’d probably think I’m weird though. Damn.

PS: I am so overwhelmed with the response I got from my Rapunzel giveaway! I’m glad you’re all interested and thanks so much for participating and following my ‘lil ‘ol blog. 😀


R.I.P. Rilo Kiley

[photo courtesy of Last.FM]

I just found out that Rilo Kiley, MY MOST FAVORITE BAND EVER, broke up through an article on Rolling Stone. My heart hurts. 😦

The lead vocalist, Jenny Lewis, has been my fashion hero since my sister’s boyfriend first introduced the band to me 7 years ago. She’s the reason why I have bangs! “Silver Lining” from their last album Under the Black Light is my phone’s ringtone too.

Here are some of my favorite Rilo Kiley tunes:

“Portions for Foxes”

“Science vs. Romance”

“Paint’s Peeling”

“Silver Lining”

*le sigh*

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Chateau Cronie

Yesterday was quite eventful as I FINALLY got to see Agent Ribbons live at Harlow’s in Sacramento! I even dolled up a bit for the occasion; I usually like doing the jeans-n-cardigan thing for shows, but not for this one! I totally forgot to put nylons on though, so my legs were like fleshy popsicles by the end of the night. Also, the photo above marks my first legit self-portrait. Huzzah for tripods and my mother’s fancy SLR with the self-timer button! They make life so much easier.

In case you’re wondering who the frak Agent Ribbons are, I shall give you a primer: they’re an indie duo-turned trio-turned duo again from Sacramento, but are now based in Austin, TX ,whose sound has been described as [from what I’ve read in random reviews] a mix of vaudeville, baroque, 60’s garage rock, and cabaret. One of the songs off their album Chateau Crone was featured on The Vampire Diaries not too long ago, and it’s actually available on Amazon for FREE. Mod Cloth even sells a dress that’s named after them.

About 4 years ago, my late friend Jim told me about them because he had recorded and mixed most of the songs on On Time Travel and Romance, which is brilliant by the way. “Call Me Margaret” was the default song on his MySpace page and he said to check it out. So I did, and I fell in love. Whenever I make mix CDs for friends, I include at least one or two of their songs on them. Just trying to spread the gospel of Agent Ribbons, y’know? I actually got to talk to Natalie (lead singer/guitarist) for a bit before the show and she was so effing sweet despite the fact that I was awkward. I hate meeting people I admire, any sort of social skills I have (and I don’t have a whole lot to begin with) completely go away. Other people who have experienced my awkwardness: Sara Bareilles, Greg Laswell, and Nathan Fillion. I hope I never meet John Krasinski.

I shall leave you all with a video I took at last night’s show:

PS: Check out On Time Travel and Romance and Chateau Crone and thank me later. 😉

outfit details:

  • cardigan: H&M
  • dress/belt: Target
  • shoes: Charles Albert
  • necklace: thrifted
  • glasses: Tilly’s