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“My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you!”

Jen’s been talking about going to Fentons Creamery FOR MONTHS. We (Jen, Shanice, and myself) finally went on Tuesday and it was absolutely glorious! Weeks before we went, I found out that there’s one in Vacaville via my cousin-in-law’s check-in on Facebook! It’s probably the same distance from Stockton to Oakland (where the original one is located), but we figured it’d be easier to find parking in Vacaville and ¬†it’d be less crowded — we were right.

photo courtesy of Disney/Pixar

I brought my little Dug with me to document our outing because, as you all may know, Fentons was featured in Up. ūüôā

photo courtesy of Jenny Volcaer

Each of us ordered burgers, which were awesome because they weren’t greasy at all! But who cares about that, right? It’s Fentons Creamery, so it’s all about the ice cream!!!

Their sundaes are ridiculously enormous. I remember the first time I went to the one in Oakland, I was in awe of how beautifully put together they are. And they’re sooo photogenic! But more importantly, they are delectable.¬†Jen didn’t see them in the display case we passed by as we were getting seated, so when she asked how big they were I said, “As big as one of my boobs.” Which are pretty big. o,O

We shared the sundae of the month “Chocolate for Boys Strawberry for Girls!” — it’s supposed to celebrate the Boys & Girls Clubs, and consisted of chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, a piece of brownie, strawberry cheesecake ice cream, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and topped off with a cherry. Nevermind the fact that it’s a bit sexist (chocolate for boys? Puh-lease), it was SO FREAKIN’ DELICIOUS¬†DELECTABLE!

Sadly, we didn’t demolish the whole thing. There was a bit of chocolate left, but we fought valiantly.

photo courtesy of Jenny Volcaer