the reel world


It’s Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 eve! While I’m extremely excited that the final movie is coming out, I’m also sad because there’s nothing else to look forward to. No more books. No more movies. Pottermore is coming out at the end of the year, but it’s not the same! The end of an era is nigh. 😦

I’m not going to the midnight show, but Jen, Shanice, and I are trekking to San Francisco to watch it at 3:30 am in IMAX 3D. Last year, when Jen and I still lived in the bay, were planning on going to the midnight show for the last HP movie, but they sold out. The next available one was at 3:30 am, so we went and it wasn’t all crazy. There were still lots of people, but they weren’t all rowdy and whatnot. So we’re doing it again!

Since this is the last hurrah, I’m dressing up like a Hogwarts student! Gryffindor to be exact. I’ll be throwing on a button-up shirt and tie later. And since I don’t have a wand, I’m just going to bring my Sonic Screwdriver (I’ll be a Timelord wizard!). Note my scarf — Jen knitted it for me! 🙂

Last night I spent what seemed like an hour and a half sewing this Gryffindor patch onto my cardigan. My sister bought it for me 8 years ago at Comic Con. I’ve always meant to put it on a cardigan or blazer. Finally did so last night, and I have to say, it was a bitch. The patch is really thick, so it was hard weaving the needle in and out.

It’s 8:08 pm PST. Time for me to take a power nap before I leave for the movie!

PS: This will be me at 3:30 am…