IT’S A TRAP! (not really)

It’s sad how delicious food from McDonalds tastes when you’re extremely hungry. This was the case yesterday after mine and Jen’s shift at SPD. Since we knew we were heading to Sacramento right after, we decided to feed our groaning bellies before the hour and half trip. I like to avoid eating at McDonalds. No matter how delicious the french fries and ice cream cones are, I feel like a pile of canine fecal matter after I consume anything from there. Blugh.

BUT, they had some pretty sweet Star Wars toys to accompany the Happy Meals! They also have Strawberry Shortcake, but I’m not a fan of the revamped version. She was so much cuter in the 80s/90s! I’m not ashamed to get kids meals — they come in small portions AND you get a toy. ­čśŤ

Anyway, we both got Yoda toys (I ended up giving mine to my mom), but then we noticed that they had given us an extra Strawberry Shortcake toy too. SCORE! Before Jen dropped me off at home, we stopped by another McDonalds to see if they had the little Lightsabers. She ended up going to another one and got a purple Lightsaber. o___0

I kinda thought Star Wars things were common knowledge — even if you don’t watch the films, you know the main gist of things like characters, and what Lightsabers are, etc. Last night I learned that this is not so as I heard a few employees refer to Lightsabers as “swords” and “sticks” and someone called Yoda “the green man.” I was just standing there like, “WTF? Really?”

Some people just don’t embrace their nerdiness the force.