Snip Snip Bang Bang

Shanice, my long ass bangs, myself at B&N shopping for John Green books.

I can’t ever imagine not having bangs. I had them for a bit as a kid, and then after that I always did the layered look with a part on the side.  And then when I was 18 I tried the side-bang thing a-la Jenny Lewis as I was bored with my hair, and what better way to reinvent yourself than with a new hairdo? When I tried out the full bang ‘do I was like OH MY GOD, WHY HAVEN’T I HAD BANGS ALL MY LIFE?

Now the thought of having an exposed forehead frightens me. But the thing about bangs is that they’re a bitch to upkeep. I mean, having little strands of hair suddenly cover half your face? Have you ever had little hairs cover your eyelids? So. Annoying.

The way my bangs looked on January 28, 2011.

I’ve attempted to cut my bangs a few times and one fiasco led me to solemnly swear to never bring a pair of scissors to my hair ever again. Oh, bangs. Y U SO DIFFICULT? But in January, Jennifer showed me this tutorial on how to trim both side bangs and full bangs. It has changed my life for the better. No more frequent trips to the salon for $10 trims. WOO!!!

I cut my bangs using this method for the third time yesterday. I used a different pair of scissors (a lot smaller than what I normally use) so it didn’t turn out like the last few times I did it, BUT it doesn’t look completely terrible. So, when attempting this USE SCISSORS THAT YOU ARE MOST COMFORTABLE WITH.

Don't mind my flyaways -- I have yet to put product in my hair to tame them for the day. And Rory wanted to show off his new haircut as well (okay, no he didn't. I made him take this picture with me... obviously).

If you’re like me and suck at cutting your own bangs, this tutorial will help you immensely. 😀