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Burdened With Glorious Purpose

outfit details – dress: Annabelle // belt: Xhileration // shoes: Cityclassified // glasses: Derek Cardigan // tote: Gama-Go // Lego Loki necklace: made by me

Hello again, my little ponies!

So I put together this Loki-inspired outfit for day two of mine and Tim’s SoCal getaway. This would’ve been perfect to wear to Disneyland if they had opened up their “Treasures of Asgard” experience while we were there. I could’ve taken a picture with Thor and then demanded that he kneel before me. How could he refuse? I mean, look at how fierce my shoes are! Actually, those shoes would’ve totally been the death of my feet if I wore them to the park. Eek!

Anyhow, our day mostly consisted of shopping at Company D, which is basically like Costco for Disney employees and heaven and hell on earth for me (so amazing, yet so dangerous for my wallet with all the Disneyland merchandise for half off!), and Downtown Disney, and driving to San Diego (boo, traffic). Since I knew we wouldn’t be on our feet the whole day, I opted to wear shoes that aren’t too comfortable for long durations of time, but damn cute! I found them at TJ Maxx a month ago and was naturally drawn to them because they reminded me of the god of mischief. And my green dress with the slanted blocked stripes was found at Ross. Yes, that reminded me of Loki too. With both items I remember seeing them in the store and leaving empty handed, and completely regretting my decision to not buy them. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Luckily, I ended up with both of them!

I made the Lego Loki necklace for myself the day before we left out of a keychain I got from a Lego store last year. It’s not the most functional thing I’ve ever made — he tends to like flipping with his backside out since the horns on his helmet protrude quite a bit. Oh well. I still think it’s quite charming.

My Gama-Go tote was purchased at Comic-Con a few years ago. Isn’t it neat? It’s supposed to look like an x-ray of what bags look like when they’re put through the conveyer belts at airports. I wouldn’t ever bring this on a flight though — something tells me TSA wouldn’t appreciate it. x__x

And look at who I found at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney! HULK GO SMASH. He wasn’t too happy with my ensemble’s inspiration. Sorry I’m not sorry, Hulky!


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Gama What? Gama Sale!

I went to my first Comic Con in 2004, and around this time I was completely obsessed with the contemporary art scene and I found  out that many of the artists I liked were going to be there! Seonna Hong was one of them, and while stalking her work on the interwebz, I came across a t-shirt company with mischievous little critters printed on each tee called Gama-Go (she had a few shirts w/her designs on them). I saw that they were going to be at the Con as well — from there on out, I was a fan. Every year I’d go to Comic-Con or WonderCon, I’d stop by their booth and tell them to just shut up and take my money and proceed to throw a few $20s at them and run away with cool stuff. <– OMG, I’m just kidding. I was totally civil.

First Gama-Go shirt I ever purchased back in 2004. I would’ve taken more pictures of the Gama-Go things I own, but they are all scattered about and have been sucked into the blackhole that is my room! >___<;

It’s been really awesome seeing Gama-Go grow into what it’s become as they were all about t-shirts, hoodies, bags, and toys in the beginning, but the 11-year-old company have added housewares and quirky tech accessories into their delightful arsenal, and even have their own flagship store in San Francisco. And you should totally check that out if you ever happen to be in SOMA.

Anywho, they’re about to have their 9th Annual Sale which is usually held at the Rickshaw Stop in SF (I was lucky enough to go to it a couple years ago), but this time they’re taking the sale online that way err’body can get in on it!

It starts tomorrow (Nov.15) from 12-5 pm PST and everything will be 50% off! Their tees are usually $28, so you can get one for $14. CRAZYNESS!!!

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite items in the store so you can all get a good feel of what Gama-Go has to offer.

Shirts for ladies:

  1. Art School Bunny
  2. Strawberry Thief
  3. Squirrel Riot
  4. Ninja Kitty Lion Tamer (comes in tan too)

How cute would all of these shirts be tucked into some sort of skirt and paired with a cardigan?! Which is totally what I’m doing right now, but I was too lazy to take a full OOTD picture… o,0

Shirts for dudes:

  1. Deathbot vs. Yeti Battle Royale
  2. California Uber-ness
  3. Roborock
  4. Yeti Bunyon (also comes in grey)


  1. Bow Tie Bag Clips (because bow ties are cool)
  2. Fantastic Unplastic Tray
  3. Snow Globe Salt & Pepper Shakers
  4. Record Coasters
  5. Record Placemats
  6. Screwnicorn Corkscrew

Accessories and random cool stuff:

  1. Phoney-Owl phone charm (there’s a also a kitty and a fox)
  2. Mouse Tails (to keep your chords in check)
  3. Accordion File
  4. Faux Tails for iPhones
  5. Cupcakeys (other designs available too, like poop!)
  6. Owl Crew Pocket Journal (other designs available too)

Remember, the sale starts tomorrow (Nov. 15) from 12-5 pm PST. Don’t miss out!!!


PS: This post was in no way sponsored/affiliated by Gama-Go. I’m just endorsing the hell out of this sale because I truly believe they’re an awesome company 🙂


DFTVA: Don’t Forget To Vote America!

My fellow Americans, it’s Election Day!

Don’t forget to get yo booties on out to your local polling place and vote, vote, vote!

I’m not one for getting into politics on my blog and I shall not go into detail about my views here (even though you can totally tell who I voted for thanks to my super awesome Gama-Go shirt), but even if you don’t like my candidate and our views are radically different, it’s important to vote. It’s our civil duty — like jury duty, but better since it only takes a little itty bitty piece out of your day rather than your whole morning/afternoon. Elections also only come every four years whereas jury duty comes whenever the hell it wants. Blugh.

Also, you don’t get a fun sticker after jury duty.