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London Calling

I love Disney.

I love It’s a Small World (Mary Blair, helloooo!).

I love LeSportsac.

So when LeSportsac debuted their It’s a Small World line over the summer I went ballistic! However,  I never managed to get anything from their summer or fall line *wah wah*, but after seeing what their winter collection holds I have decided that I. MUST. HAVE. ONE. Or two. Because it’s all London-centric!

The ‘Fancy That’ print (shown below) features tons iconic London staples such as Big Ben, double decker buses, red call boxes, the London Bridge, tower guards, corgis, hearts with Union Jacks, and chic little girls clad in cute trenches in true Mary Blair style. The bags also come with an adorable charm — or as my mom likes to call them: “the essence of the bag.” The essence is a little raven-haired girl wearing a khaki trench with pink tights and mary janes.

‘Fancy That’ bags will be available in November.

photo courtesy of LeSportsac
photo courtesy of LeSportsac
photo courtesy of LeSportsac

LeSportsac just had to go and make the ‘Midnight Harmony’ tote as well. I’m completely enamored by it because of the beautiful skyline motif, and it reminds me of Mary Blair’s gorgeous concept art for the original attraction. And this bag comes with a little yellow haired girl wearing a red trench with blue tights and mary janes.

The ‘Midnight Harmony’ tote comes out in December. One month before my birthday, how convenient! *hint hint*

Mary Blair concept art courtesy of Mary Blairz: Mary Blair Small World City