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There ain’t no party like a hashbrown party

My Halloween turned out to be a lot better than I thought. I attempted to do a hipster take on Minnie Mouse, but ended up not looking so hipter-ish. Jen, Tim, and myself ended up going to Dell’Osso Farm and wandered around the maze. It was dark and I damn near fell a few times, and I accidentally slapped Jen on the face when she poked me (I meant to slap her arm. Mah bad). Lots of poking, tickling, and butt slapping occurred. But that’s what best friends are supposed to do to each other, right? I guess we’re just an abusive bunch. o,0

I forgot to bring a flashlight for the maze, but Jen had her little reading light and Tim had his Sonic Screwdriver which actually made for a decent flashlight. Kinda noisy, but it makes you look cool (or stupid depending on who’s looking at you… x__x).

Afterwards we met up with Heather at Denny’s where we had copious amounts of hashbrowns. Tim and I did one of those Build Your Own Grand Slam things and just got a bunch of hashbrowns, ’cause there ain’t no party like a hashbrown party ’cause a hashbrown party is DELICIOUS. I seriously love hashbrowns. Or I just love potatoes in general. They’re so amazingly versatile.


I didn’t take any pictures with Heather on my camera because I fail at life.

After Denny’s, Jen went home and then the rest of us went to Walmart because it’s open 24/7 and what else is there to do at 11 pm in Stockton? We basically just danced around the store, more tickling and poking ensued, and it was just perfect. 🙂

So that was my Halloween. Hope you all had an amazeballs one too!