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Royal Peach

outfit details – shirt: TeeFury (buy similar here) // cardigan: Gold Drama // shoes: Avenue // skirt: Crossroads Trading Co. find // hair clip: vintage // glasses: Derek Cardigan (buy here) // watch: Timex x Disney // ring: random boutique purchase 

‘ello lovelies!

So y’know how on Monday I announced that I was going to start a new series on here called Curator’s Corner? Well, in today’s outfit post I’m giving you guys a sneak peek for the first artist that I’ll be featuring! The lovely art nouveau design of Princess Peach (from Super Mario Bros. fame) on my t-shirt is by the super awesome and über talented Megan Lara. I got it a couple of years ago on TeeFury and have been hooked on her work since then. She actually just had her art nouveau design of Hermione Granger entitled “The Brightest With of Her Age” up on TeeFury last night. I had to snatch that one as well since TeeFury only sells one t-shirt design a day — and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

I’ll be posting a bunch of links on where to find/buy her art and t-shirts tomorrow, so stayed tuned for that! 🙂

I’m not a huge gamer, but I did love my NES growing up.  And of course I loved Princess Peach (a.k.a. Princess Toadstool). It was only natural that I instantly fell in love with Megan’s “Peach Nouveau” design once I saw it on the interwebz — it’s fancy and geeky!

I’d gush about her work some more, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post.


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I am not ashamed to admit that I still play dress-up, and I’m 110% sure that there are tons of ladies out there that still do. And by dress-up, I don’t mean I do cosplay (although I do own a Wonder Woman costume), I mean I rifle through my closet and try on different things to see what items go together and what doesn’t. I did this a lot with my Barbies as a kid… and my Blythe dolls as a twenty-something. I think putting outfits together is an art form. Sounds silly, but have you seen the people featured on The Satorialist? Walking, breathing, art, I tell you!

My friend Chelsea asked me to help her go shopping and I was more than happy to pick out dresses upon dresses for her! Last Friday we scoured the racks at Macy*s and Crossroads. Macy*s was a bit of a bust, but I talked her into trying on some white dresses, and even though I originally picked this white lace BeBop dress for her, I had to try it on too!

Not the best example of what the dress looks like since I’m wearing a maroon jacket over it (damn thing was so cute and on sale, but my arms were too fat for it! :(). At Crossroads, Chelsea found some cute nautical things like a seahorse necklace and white & red peep toes. I found a navy purse with seashell charms on it to match both items. Chelsea actually found lots of cute stuff which I didn’t get to take pictures of. Rugh! But, I will be going over to her house sometime to raid her closet and find all sorts of outfits for her. I’m so excited! The last time I did anything like that was when my cousin Nicole was 13 and we took her to Limited Too and my sister and I picked out all sorts of outfits for her to try on. It’s like dressing up Barbie, but for reals!