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Wookiee Wednesday: DIY Your Own Tacky Ewok Christmas Sweater

It’s the day before Christmas Eve and you want to wear something super amazing for any upcoming festivities, but what? Here’s an idea: make your own tacky holiday sweater! Grab an old blank sweater that you don’t really wear anymore and head to the craft store to get some supplies.

You can put whatever you want on it, but for mine I made an ewok with a Christmas twist. Go figure. If you go along with the following instructions for when you do your sweater, you’ll be good to go whether you make a wampa, a tauntaun, or even a snowman. 🙂

Materials needed:

not pictured: printer paper, marker, pencil, iron, ironing board
  • Blank sweater (whatever color you desire)
  • Felt (in any color you need for your design)
  • Buttons
  • Infusible Web
  • Scratch paper
  • Writing utensil (marker/pencil)
  • Embroidery thread that matches your felt
  • Needle — preferably one with a big eyehole if you’re using embroidery floss.

* pro-tip: Ditch the embroidery thread and needle if you have a sewing machine and aren’t lazy like me.

Step 1: When you figure out what you want your design to be, sketch it onto a piece of paper. I prefer to use printer paper because it’s already a good size for your sweater.

After I sketched my design, I went over it with a black marker.

If you’d prefer to have a template than make one yourself, you can always search the Internet for a stencil of something you might like. But pick something that’s easy to trace, otherwise you’re gonna have some major craft rage.

Step 2: Cut out your templates, place them on top of your felt pieces (you can use sewing pins or tape to secure them onto the felt), and cut along the template.

I cut the ears off and placed them on my tan felt.

Step 3: Once you’ve cut all the shapes you need, place them all on the infusible web. Make sure you put the wrong side down on the sticky side.

Iron on the infusible wed with the tracing paper it comes with on top. That way you won’t risk burning your felt (which I have done before)!

Trim the excess infusible web and peel off the paper from the back.

Step 4: Place a sturdy surface inside your sweater (I used cardboard), put your felt pieces in position on your sweater and begin to iron it on.

Step 5: Place any embellishments you might have onto your design. For mine, I just used brown buttons for the ewok’s eyes and red buttons for the holly berries.

Step 6: If you have a sewing machine and aren’t lazy to whip it out, sew around the edges of your design to clean it up and also to ensure that your design stays on your sweater.

I mainly focused on stitching around the hood of the ewok and its ears.

OR, stitch along the edges with embroidery floss. This can be tedious, so take your time and start a Netflix binge so you’ll have something to distract yourself from wanting to throw your project onto the ground in defeat. Hey, this sometimes happens when crafting. 😛

Ta-da! I got a hand cramp while working on the face, hence a no-mouth ewok. I still think it’s cute 😀

Once you’re done with that step, you’re ready to go ewokin’ in a winter wonderland with your brand new sweater! But if you want to up the ante on the tacky factor, you can add all kinds of bells and whistles to your sweater — both literally and figuratively. 🙂


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Tacky Holidays

It’s already 2015 in some other parts of the world. How weird is that? I’m still hanging out in 2014 as I’m in California, and since I finally found my SD card with the one lone outfit picture I took on Christmas Eve, I figured I might as well have my last blog post of 2014 be an outfit one. Also, Christmas decorations are still everywhere so why can’t I do a Christmas related post six days after Christmas? Plus, my Christmas Eve outfit was SO AWESOMELY TACKY.

  • Vintage velvet dress in a Christmasy shade of green? Check.
  • Tacky Christmas vest? Check.
  • Santa hat? Check.
  • Boba Fett Christmas pin that can’t be seen in this picture? Check.

I found the velvet dress for $5 at a thrift store a couple years ago and it simultaneously screams Christmas and ’90s, don’tcha think? I would’ve died to have this dress in fourth grade, which is when my velvet obsession started. Hey, don’t judge me. I am a child of the 90s afterall. Velvet is coming back with a vengence anyway.

And earlier this year, probably in March, my mom and I went to the American Cancer Society thrift store and happened upon tons of tacky Christmas sweaters and vests! Jackpot, riiiight?! I think my mom bought all of them and sold a few. I was going to just wear the velvet dress with a gold Peter Pan collar, but then I thought I should just go all out tacky because why the eff not? I love kitschy things!

Despite the fact that it was ridiculously hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year, I had a great time this year compared to last. Christmas Eve was spent at my cousin’s house and we all kept taking selfies with our grandma like she was Santa Claus. And there were a couple rounds of white elephant and I ended up with a floral teacup and a clear mug with marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, candy, and a gift card to Yogurtland <– my favorite land right after Disney. 😀

Wherever you are, I hope you have a splendiforous time saying goodbye to 2014! And if you already celebrated the New Year, I hope you had a splendiforous time doing so. 🙂 I’ll be spending my New Year’s Eve packing for a little family excursion to SoCal. We’re leaving bright and early in the morning. Of course I’m put off packing at the last minute.




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Happy Hothidays!


Greetings my little ponies! I just wanted to wish you all a very happy “hothiday” 😀

Today Rory and I wore our matching Darth Vader sweaters to celebrate. I think the dark side may have gotten to him a bit though… he was a wittle emo earlier today. BUT he’s all better now!

I hope you all had an amazing day celebrating with your loved ones (if you celebrate Christmas anyhow).





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Merry-super-belated-Christmas and all that good stuff!

‘ello all! Christmas has rendered me completely exhausted hence my absence from the interwebs… or this blog of mine anyway. But I’m back! I hope you all had a super fabulous Christmas (that is, if you celebrate it) and got some really fantastic thing-a-ma-jigs from your loved ones! I know I did!!! 🙂

I ended up celebrating Christmas with my mom’s side of the family in town on Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas day my parents and I headed to Redondo Beach to celebrate with my dad’s side of the family (most of them live in SoCal), and I got to see my sister! But the best part of both celebrations is that my family and I were utterly stylish in our “ugly” Christmas sweaters from Skip N’ Whistle.

You may recall that I had a post awhile ago talking about my amazing unicorn holiday sweater. If not, you can take a looksie here.

We had to wait until Christmas day to take a complete family photo, but my mom was pretty excited to take family pictures with our boyfriends! So there’s one of me and Tim from the NorCal Christmas celebration and one of my older sister, Nikki, and her boyfriend, Ryan, at the SoCal one.

Aren’t we all so effing adorable?!

Wearing these silly sweaters just might become a family holiday tradition. 😀


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Be Right Back…

Greetings from Anaheim! My boyfriend and I left for Disneyland yesterday to celebrate our 1 year anniversary (which is actually on the 21st, but we’re celebrating early since Thanksgiving decided it wanted to be on the 22nd this year). I’ll be here eating corn dogs, sippin’ on hot cocoa, and noming on churros until Wednesday, so I may not be posting on Le Fancy Geek until after Thanksgiving.

I hope you’re all well and ready for Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday. WOO!



Jingle Jams

Christmas is in 10 days!!! To get into the holiday spirit, I thought I would share some of my all-time  favorite Christmas tunes. And I know I’ve mentioned my love for The Sound of Music in previous posts, but don’t expect to find any rendition of “A Few of My Favorite Things” on this list. IT IS NOT A CHRISTMAS SONG. I’m sorry, I just get peeved whenever I find it on Christmas compilations — probably because when someone other than Julie Andrews sings it, it sounds so wrong.

But anywho, here are my favorite Christmas songs (in no particular order):

“Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” – Berlin Symphony Orchestra

I first heard this on Ugly Betty‘s first Christmas episode. I went crazy trying to find it online. It’s a fun take on a classic that gives me visions of urbanite sugar plum fairies shakin’ and breakin’.

“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” – Jackson 5

When I was little, my parents and sister would drive to some place where you can actually cut down your own Christmas tree. On the way there we’d always listen to the Jackson 5’s Christmas album and The Carpenters (Christmas and greatest hits album), so this song is associated with happy times. 🙂

“On Top of the World” – The Carpenters

Okay, so this isn’t a Christmas song. It’s not even close to being a Christmas song (or is it?). But since my mom always played their albums on our way to get a Christmas tree, I thought that their regular songs were Christmas songs. I will always associate The Carpenters with Christmas.

“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” – Michael Buble

Michael Buble’s take on this modern-day Christmas song is by far my favorite version. I’ve always loved this song, maybe because it has this sense of forlorn. I’m a sucker for forlorn ditties (hence why Death Cab For Cutie is my favorite band of all evers), and it often made me homesick for my phantom boyfriend in my single days. Now that I have one, Christmas is gonna suck even more if I hear this song since I’ll be away from him AND my dog next Saturday. 😦

“Last Christmas” – Wham!

Need I explain this? Me thinks not.

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” – Mariah Carey

Need I explain this one too? Me thinks not either!

“Carol of the Bells” – The Bird and The Bee

I love The Bird and The Bee — Inara George’s voice is so luxe. I found this via iTunes when it was a free download a few years ago.

“O Holy Night” – *NSYNC

Oh, *NSYNC. I love their whole Christmas album. I’d put all the songs on here if I could. Actually, I CAN, but I am choosing not to because I want variety on this list. It was really hard to pick just one song of theirs to put on this list, but I love their version of “O Holy Night” since it’s a cappella and really shows off their vocal talent.

“Little Saint Nick” – The Beach Boys

Probably one of the happiest sounding Christmas songs ever made, which is why I love it so much.

“Funky, Funky Christmas” – New Kids on the Block

Not particularly one of my favorite Christmas songs, but I felt the need to put it on this list! I remember my listening to this album with my sister and cousins at our grandma’s house. Good times. Good times.

I’m willing to be that after I post this, I’m going to think of 10 other songs that I should’ve put on here. Oi! But, I’ll just leave it as is and wish all my readers a Happy Holiday. 😀

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Thoroughly Modern Millie-ish

On Saturday Tim and I had a day-long date in San Francisco where we ate Dynamo Donuts, wandered around Yerba Buena Gradens, Westfield Shopping Centre, Union Square, and ended the day watching Sara Bareilles at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. HELLA EPIC! Technically we ended it by eating In-N-Out.

Anyhow, I wanted to wear something fancy, but I had a hard time putting outfits together. Everything was either too casual looking or it required my pink slip dress that wasn’t anywhere to be found. Half of my closet found its way on my bed. RUGH! But I settled with my modern flapper girl outfit: my maroon felt bucket hat, cardigan, and pink frilly dress. I ditched my t-strap heels for obvious reasons. Ever since I saw that 100 years of London style video back in August, I’ve been wanting to put together a 1920s inspired ensemble. I think I came up with this outfit in October, but couldn’t think of an appropriate place to wear it until Saturday.

Before I headed out, I threw on my furry paw scarf. Fashionable women in the 20’s wore fur stoles, so I thought it made sense.

And now I’m going to finish off this post with tons of pictures of our day!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Maple Bacon Apple, Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate, and Vanilla Bean
We always eat our donuts at Dynamo Park.
Fancy bear masks at the Zeum store. I ended up getting the horse one pictured in the background.
I'm an Ood!
We stumbled upon an anime meet-up. And there was a dude dressed like the 11th Doctor! I didn't take a picture of him though. His bow tie was all wrong anyway. x__x
When I went to SFSU, I liked going to Yerba Buena Gardens a lot as it was my favorite thinking spot. I showed Tim around since he's never been there.
Union Square! Tim took a picture with this crazy ass looking street performer.
We passed by Tiffany's and I had to stop to take a picture of their window display. I LOVE carousels!

I’ll be putting up my next post later today which will be all about the foul mouthed goddess: Sara Bareilles. 😀

outfit details:

  • hat: ?
  • cardigan: Mossimo
  • dress: M
  • necklace: Grouse and Badger
  • shoes: Madden Girl
  • scarf: Lake Tahoe Treasures/Wild Spirit Animal Hoodies

Things I Bought That I Love: Chocolate Mint Milk and Holiday Disney Thingies

I don’t think I can say this enough: TARGET IS THE SH!T. I love Target. If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life, it would be Target because they have everything. Hmm… I’m sensing a bit of deja vu. Have I written these exact sentences in another post before? Most likely, I wouldn’t be surprised. <– ramble ramble.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I saw cartons of limited edition holiday milk flavors including egg nogg (eh), red velvet chocolate, and chocolate mint. Naturally, I bought the red velvet and the chocolate mint milk AND a Minnie Mouse sippy cup to drink it out of. Target has pretty swanky Disney Holiday/Christmas swag right now too — mostly housewares like plates, salt & pepper shakers, cups, bowls, and some Mickey and Minnie tees. It’s so AMAZEBALLS!!! Shanice was kind enough to buy a Minnie Mouse shirt for me. 🙂

The red velvet chocolate milk is so-so — I mean, it’s tasty and all, but it really just tastes like regular chocolate milk, just slightly sweeter. The mint one, however, tastes like cold melted Andes candies. Have you ever had an Andes mint chocolate candy? Gaah… so good. *drool*

PS: Yes, I totally copied Mindy Kaling’s “Things I Bought That I Love” thing. Whatever. x__x

outfit details:

  • shirt/shorts/cardigan: Target
  • necklace: vintage
  • hair clip: Daiso