Twenty Things

Hello my little ponies! I was tagged on one of those “20 Things About Me” memes on Instagram by Ninjabutterfly awhile ago, so I figured I’d post it here rather than on Instagram so it won’t take up so much space on any of my follower’s Instagram feeds 🙂

  1. I don’t really need to wear glasses all the time (I have a very light prescription for reading), but I choose to wear them anyway because my face feels terribly naked without them.
  2. I can sing along to 95% of the Miss Saigon soundtrack.
  3. The Disney and Motown stations are my favorites to listen to on Pandora.
  4. The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland always freaked me because death is a scary concept to me, but I actually enjoy it now.
  5. My Top 5 favorite Disney Princesses are: Snow White, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, and Rapunzel.
  6. Puppies and ponies are my favorite animals.
  7. I’ve been to many, many *NSYNC concerts. So many that I don’t even know the exact amount. My guess is 8. 
  8. I may or may not have teared up a little when Justin Timberlake said he was sharing his Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award with the rest of the *NSYNC boys at the VMAs.
  9. I feel horribly embarrassed for characters in TV shows and movies when they do something stupid — I actually feel uncomfortable and sometimes need to avert my eyes from the screen to avoid feeling more embarrassment.
  10. I started watching Breaking Bad earlier this year, but it’s hard for me to watch because it stresses me out!
  11. I want Anna Kendrick and Karen Gillan to be my BFFs because I think we can all be goofy together. Our besties name would be Anna Karenina. <– awesome, right?!
  12. I love shopping, but I abhor shopping for bras. I think it’s the worst.
  13. I have books personally signed by Joshua Braff (The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green) and Neil Gaiman (The Ocean at the End of the Lane).
  14. The last physical album I bought was The Blessed Unrest by Sara Bareilles.
  15. My two favorite scents are freshly baked cookies and books.
  16. My favorite Beatles song is “Eleanor Rigby.”
  17. Tom Hanks is my favorite actor of all time.
  18. John Krasinski has been one of my ultimate celebrity crushes for the longest time, but I’ve never seen a full season of The Office besides the first one. I know. I KNOW. That’s weird.
  19. I prefer Greek mythology to Roman mythology because I think they have spiffier names.
  20. I like watching shows about weddings like Say Yes to the Dress, My Fair Wedding, and Four Weddings while I hula hoop. Oh, and What Not to Wear (even though I think they basically dress every person the same way) as well!

If you list 20 things about yourself on one of your blog posts, put a link to it down below in the comments section! I love to learn about my readers 🙂


PS: In case you’re wondering, my Darth Vader dress is by Her Universe. You can get one here!

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A Fancy Geek Your Pooch Will Be

yoda dog ears petco comic con

Geeky pet owners rejoice! Petco debuted their special line of Star Wars threads and toys for pooches and kittens at Comic-Con a few weeks ago!

When I first got Rory  a couple years ago I was really bummed  by the lack of geeky dog apparel out there, so there are really no words for me to express how ecstatic I am over this crazy awesome line! And the Petco booth also gave out Yoda ears for pets as con exclusive freebies!!! They ran out when I went on Sunday, but my sister was able to grab a pair for Rory when she went on Thursday 😀

The collection hits stores on September 1 and will include an array of hoodies inspired by your favorite Star Wars characters (the Chewbacca and Boba Fett ones… shut up. Just. Shut. Up.), leashes and collars, fluffy dog beds shaped like Yoda and Darth Vader, chewy squeaky toys, and there’s also little mice dressed like characters for your kitty to play with!

One piece I can’t wait to get my hands on is the Darth Vader knitted nordic sweater. Rory is going to be the baddest ball of fluff on the block. Is it weird that I’m extremely happy that my dog and I will have matching knitted Vader sweaters and that I can’t wait to take pictures of the two of us so I can turn them into holiday greeting cards? Actually, I don’t care if it’s weird. I’M TOO EXCITED TO CARE.

While I was perusing the booth, another con goer looked at me and said, “Oh man. I’m going to have to buy all this stuff for my dog.” Me too, dude. Me. Too.

Do you plan on getting your pooch or kitten a little Star Wars trinket (or maybe one or two, or ALL OF IT)?


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The Batcave

Check it out, an OOTD (outfit of the day) shot in my newly painted batcave… er, I mean room!

As I posted last week, my dad and I painted my room purple. I really love the way it turned out, and my room actually feels like a room — like I actually feel like I live here now. Before it was just a big nasty mess and I was all kinds of overwhelmed. When I moved to Daly City 2 years ago I got to start with a blank canvas so it was easy to arrange things and keep my room clean over there. When I moved back to my parent’s house in Stockton, my room was a complete disaster as it turned into a storage facility of sorts. There are still some excess boxes with micellaneous items I need to sort through, but other than that, my room looks pretty fucking sweet.

Rory’s bed was originally in the spot where I’m standing in my OOTD pic, but he just really digs hanging out under my bed. Last night he whined a bit, so I let him sleep by me instead. It was quite nice to have something cuddly and furry snuggled next to me. 😀

Does anyone remember that show MTV used to have called Room Raiders, where 3 people get kidnapped from their homes and some random person goes in and inspects their rooms to determine who go they wanna go on a date with based on the contents of their rooms?<– long ass sentence. All the guys tended to say the girls who still had toys in their rooms were probably really juvenile and they always got the heave-ho. And some have said that girls who own too many purses must have emotional baggage or some horse crap like that. Needless to say, those bag hags got the heave-ho too.

Based on the contents of my room, I would TOTALLY not get a date. If I were a contestant on that show, some dude would be like, “Who the hell lives here? A 12 year-old?” No boy has set foot in my room, sans my homie Tim, and I still ain’t gettin’ no dates, so… um… yeah. x___x

Can you find my Doctor action figure dangling from one of my necklaces?

Star Wars + Audrey Hepburn + Elizabeth Taylor… I call my blog Le Fancy Geek for a reason, y’know.

All my Disney movies fit on one shelf! I’m weird in the way I organize my books and movies — nothing is in alphabetical order (except for my TV DVDs), but I do try to keep things together based on genre.

My fancy vintage typewriter has William Blake’s “A Poison Tree” typed out on the piece of paper that’s in it. ‘Tis one of my favorites. Y’all should Google it. Oh, and CHECK OUT MY SWEET ASS SONIC SCREWDRIVER COLLECTION. And my Dalek coin bank keeps my monies safe.

I just need to buy some frames for my Mike Maihack prints (Poison Ivy, Batgirl,and Wolverine having a tea party) that I picked up at Comic Con and find some other things to hang up on my walls and I’ll be all set.

My room is basically an outward reflection of my personality, and as you can see I’m nerdtastically rad. 😀

outfit details:

  • shirt: Forever 21
  • camisole: I have no idea. o,0
  • shorts: Mossimo (Target)
  • shoes: Blowfish Malibu
  • ring: from my grandma
  • purse: Cynthia Rowley
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Bargain Hunter

I’ve been on a really big Star Wars kick as of late. A couple weeks ago I found this really rad Boba Fett helmet at Target on sale for $10 (originally $40). It was the only one left, and I thought it would look cool on my bookshelf. I couldn’t pass it up! It was too good of a deal. And I’ve been wanting a Stormtrooper action figure for quite some time since I’ve seen people take really amazing pictures of them all over Flickr. Take a gander here. I got my own little Stormtrooper the same day I bought my helmet (and the green shirt I’m wearing pictured above, which was also on sale. SCORE!). I’m not quite sure what to do with him yet. I have some little toys and accessories to use for a silly photo shoot though.

And when I went to Target the other day (I frequent that place a lot, okay?), I found the Funko Star Wars bobble heads! My mom bought Yoda, and I got a Stormtrooper. I dunno why I keep buying things related to the Dark Side. I always thought I was more of a Jedi than a Sith. x___x

I don’t even know where any of our Star Wars DVDs are, or if we even have any! I know my family owns them on VHS, but I’m too lazy to set up my VCR (which is somewhere in the garage). Oh well. At least the whole saga is coming out on DVD/BluRay next month!

Since I can’t find any of the Star Wars DVDs we supposedly own, I’ll just crank this tune while I wear my Boba Fett helmet…

outfit details:

  • shirt/shorts/belt/ring: Target
  • boots: thrifted
  • necklace: Nordstroms