Dinky Hot Chocolate & Knickknacks

Tiniest cup of hot chocolate that ever existed

It’s been awhile since I actually posted anything huh? I’ve been keeping myself busy by doing homework, making jewelry, goofing around on Tumblr, and somehow I managed to hangout with 3 of my best friends during the week. Tim and I had a burping contest on Wednesday (OH-SO-CLASSY), on Friday I ate lunch with Shanice and helped her find a sweater dress, and yesterday I helped Jen pick out new frames at Walmart. Good times.

This morning I went to the flea market with my mom and got the dinkiest cup of hot chocolate EVER. And it was $1.50. At least it was tasty (unlike a certain popular coffee franchise’s hot chocolate… *cough*Starbucks*cough*). Luckily, we found awesome deals elsewhere. I found a Star Wars calendar from 1981 and I plan on making collages out of the pictures in it, and I got a Leonardo action figure decked out in Indian gear, or Native American (whichever you prefer).

I had to get this because it reminded me of Karen O.

I also got a western-ish belt that I can put my rodeo belt buckle on. I AM SO EXCITED. But I didn’t take a picture of it, and I’m too lazy to. My SD card effing broke so I have to rely on my phone’s camera for awhile. *disgruntled noises* My mom and I also spent 15 minutes untangling a bunch of jewelry and got some nifty things.

Here’s a few other things I found:

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera! This thing looks nothing like Yul Brynner.
My sister and I had this poster in our room when we were youngins.
The sign on the building says "Jesus is Lord"

Okay, so that’s all from me. I’ll try to make more worthwhile posts in the near future. And speaking of the near future, my Etsy store should be opening REALLY SOON. And that means my first give-away will be happening REALLY SOON too. All capping “really” and “soon” just makes things look more exciting right? RIGHT? <– okay, that’s just obnoxious now.

outfit details:

  • hat: H&M
  • dress: Tucker for Target
  • hoodie: Merona
  • bomber: Espirit
  • belt: Target
geek style

Bargain Hunter

I’ve been on a really big Star Wars kick as of late. A couple weeks ago I found this really rad Boba Fett helmet at Target on sale for $10 (originally $40). It was the only one left, and I thought it would look cool on my bookshelf. I couldn’t pass it up! It was too good of a deal. And I’ve been wanting a Stormtrooper action figure for quite some time since I’ve seen people take really amazing pictures of them all over Flickr. Take a gander here. I got my own little Stormtrooper the same day I bought my helmet (and the green shirt I’m wearing pictured above, which was also on sale. SCORE!). I’m not quite sure what to do with him yet. I have some little toys and accessories to use for a silly photo shoot though.

And when I went to Target the other day (I frequent that place a lot, okay?), I found the Funko Star Wars bobble heads! My mom bought Yoda, and I got a Stormtrooper. I dunno why I keep buying things related to the Dark Side. I always thought I was more of a Jedi than a Sith. x___x

I don’t even know where any of our Star Wars DVDs are, or if we even have any! I know my family owns them on VHS, but I’m too lazy to set up my VCR (which is somewhere in the garage). Oh well. At least the whole saga is coming out on DVD/BluRay next month!

Since I can’t find any of the Star Wars DVDs we supposedly own, I’ll just crank this tune while I wear my Boba Fett helmet…

outfit details:

  • shirt/shorts/belt/ring: Target
  • boots: thrifted
  • necklace: Nordstroms