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Frugal Chic: A SammyDress Review

My best friend Shanice pointed out how people who have money tend to spend it less freely and people who don’t have money spend it like they have it. Unfortunately, I’m of the latter (but I’ve actually been pretty good about not buying super frivolous things this year… so far anyway). If you happen to be like me, and strive to find your fashion on the frugal side, you might enjoy SammyDress. They’re an online wholesale clothing and accessory store based in Asia. Not too long ago I was approached by them to review a couple of their products on my blog, and since their site was full of super cute accessories, I delightfully obliged! I picked the horse tote pictured above and a pink dress that looks more like a blouse on me.

SammyDress’ photo of the horse tote.

The site’s photo of the bag looks more like an apricot color, but in person it’s actually beige, and the cross body strap it comes with isn’t dark brown like the trim, but the same beige as the body of the bag. I’m slightly bummed about that since I think it looks much more aesthetically pleasing with the darker strap. I still think it’s super adorable though and I love the design of the horse with the tasseled tail and harlequin print. I think the quality of the bag is Forever 21-ish, which is decent considering that it retails for $13.70 (what a steal, right?!). Oh, and it’s extremely sturdy — I was able to fit all my usual necessities inside of it, including my clunky camera (always a plus). There’s also a couple of slots on the inside and a zipper closure. I got quite a few compliments when I went out with it too! 🙂

I got the dress/blouse in the shade of pink on the left.

Since the store is based in Asia, be mindful of the sizes since they run small. It’s a safe bet to order one size up. The blouse/dress I got, which is pictured on the left,  is a 2xl and I figured it might be okay since I can fit into an XL most of the time (curse these big boobs of mine). It really depends on the brand (again, curse these big boobs of mine). It fit me quite snuggly, and I would’ve taken a picture of myself in it to show how it looks, but I really don’t feel comfortable doing so since I didn’t find it to be flattering on me at all. The sides are sheer which I couldn’t tell from the site’s pictures, so you’d need to wear a camisole underneath it and the front and back aren’t completely attached to the garment in the middle. Perhaps it’s one of those pieces that looks nicer on petite ladies. SammyDress does offer a few garments in larger sizes from xl-4x, and I tried to request some of those items, but they weren’t available to review (not sure why).

Overall, I’m quite happy with the tote and I think SammyDress is an ideal place to look for fun accessories on the fly for yourself or as gifts for friends. As for clothes, I’d just be extra careful about the size. Some pieces have reviews so you can get a better idea of it, but others don’t, so it’s a bit of a gamble if you’re game.


purse: c/o SammyDress (buy here) // dress + belt: BCX Dress // cardigan: H&M // glasses: Brooks Brothers (buy here) // shoes: Juicy Couture (Crossroads Clothing Co. find) // magnifying glass necklace: American Rag // Sherlock necklace: Le Fancy Geek Boutique (available soon)

This is a sponsored post courtesy of They sent me a couple of products to review as compensation. All opinions expressed are my own. 


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Beep Bop Boop Bling

Good grief, Her Universe. Just shut up and take all my money!

Ashley Eckstein, geek girl extraordinaire, voice of Ashoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and creator of Her Universe (a fashion line created with the geek girl in mind, in case you didn’t know) just debuted some new fancy Star Wars pieces during Star Wars Weekend at Disney World, and it’s pretty much every geeky fashionista’s wet dream come true. For those of us that couldn’t make it to the launch at Star Wars Weekend, we’ll be able to start ordering all these geektastic tops and dresses tomorrow on Her Universe’s online store!

Her Universe also teamed up with Tarina Tarantino‘s The Sparkle Factory for a line of high-end baubles called the “My Hero Collection” featuring R2-D2 (pictured above and below). So pretty!

What I’m looking forward to the most is the baby blue dress with the original print of the Star Wars bed sheets that came out in the 70s. I love the vintage vibe it has, and it has a Peter Pan collar! It’s definitely different than the other dresses in the Her Universe line, and I really hope they’ll come out with more dresses that are styled like it. And I hope they come out with more cap-sleeved dresses like the Han Solo one too (pictured below)!

Check out more of the new Star Wars threads here.


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oNecklace Review

I used to complain about the fact that my parents never gave me a proper middle name ALL. THE. TIME. Rather than having a traditional middle name, y’know, like one that is also appropriate to be used as a first name, I was bestowed with my mom’s maiden name instead while my older sister got that AND a traditional middle name. I could seriously go on about this whole subject, but I won’t. I finally started appreciating my middle name when I was 18 and even adopted it as my nom de plume and ditched my actual last name (well, not legally anyhow). But all together my initials = N.P.H. Just like Neil Patrick Harris! By default, I have the most legen–wait for it–dary initials. EVER.

After I started noticing a slew of monogram accessories pop up all over the web last year, I longed for a gold necklace that bared my initials. It’s funny, because I recall thinking that very thought while checking my email and came across a message from oNecklace asking if I’d be interested in reviewing a necklace of my choice for Le Fancy Geek. Kismet at its finest, right?!

There are tons of pretty baubles to choose from — you can have necklaces, rings, and bracelets customized with your name (just like the infamous ‘Carrie’ necklace from Sex & the City) or initials in silver and gold (24k plated, 14k, 14k white gold). They also come in various styles and you can choose what length and type of chain you’d like for your necklace to be on. I opted for the split chain monogram necklace on a 16 in. rolo chain and I’m completely smitten with it. The fancy font is slightly hard to read at first glance, but I love how it’s a great balance of being both delicate and bold.

If you ponies want to get one too, you can use the code “fancygeek” at the checkout to receive 10% off! Plus everything’s free shipping. And isn’t Mother’s Day coming up soon? Just sayin’. 😉

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, there are apparently guidelines (which you can find here) for how your monogram should look if you chose to get a monogramed bauble. For example, it’s supposed to be First/Last/Middle. So my necklace should’ve actually been customized as NHP, but I didn’t see the guideline until after I made my request. Oops! I prefer it the way I have it anyway.


necklace: c/o oNecklace (buy here) // dress: ModCloth (buy here) // glasses: Derek Cardigan (buy similar here)
FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as oNecklace provided me with a product to review. I was compensated with the aforementioned product. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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The Second Happiest Place on Earth

Powell’s City of Books is one of the most magical places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. It is without a doubt the second happiest place on earth — the first being Disneyland (duh), but it definitely gives Disneyland a run for its money. If only they had Dole Whips. *le sigh* Upon entering Powell’s, Caitlin and I were both bright eyed and bushy tailed and extremely overwhelmed. Books upon books upon books and MORE BOOKS! We spent a good two and a half hours in there (Jen joined us a bit later since she had a late start that morning), and I could’ve easily spent the entire day there if my stomach wasn’t telling me to put some food in it. I’ll talk more about food on the blog later, because OMG. *salivating*

Anyhow, I had no idea where to even start as all the literary categories were split into different rooms on various floors (Gold, Rose, Purple, Pearl, etc). At the front of the store there’s a bookshelf featuring their best sellers, and The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman was in their top 30! This made me quite happy since that’s my “100 item” at my job. Caitlin and I went into the Rare Book room where many books that were printed around the 1800s were beautifully displayed in all their worn-out leather bound glory. We must’ve looked really strange as we opened books and held them close to our faces to inhale the old book smell. I sniffed a book from 1884. It smelled spectacular.

I kept straying away from everything I had on my original booklist, then found myself with at least 10 books. One included a gorgeous copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote that was in fact Tiffany blue. It’s one of my all-time favorite books, but I couldn’t justify buying a book I already had two copies of (I think I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I got a copy that looks like a first edition, but I can’t tell if it actually is or isn’t). Ugh! It was very difficult, but I managed to trim the fat off of my shopping basket.

I walked away with…

  • Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg
  • A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops by Jen Campbell
  • I Don’t Care About Your Band by Julie Klausner
  • The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld
  • Spirit Animals by Stefanie Iris Weiss
  • Van Gogh quote card
  • Unicorn postcard (most beautiful postcard EVER!)
  • Downton Abbey tea (not pictured, and it was a last minute find at the register)
  • Powell’s tote

I gave myself a budget of $50, but then I said eff it. BUY ALL THE BOOKS! Carpe diem! Next time I go to Powell’s I’m going to bring some books from my personal library to sell for store credit, that way my bank account won’t be pissed at me. The only problem is that I have a hard time letting go of books. I’ll figure it out when the time comes.

I’m not even close to being done about sharing all my fun adventures in Portland, so stay tuned for more posts!


PS: In case you’re wondering about the group picture, Jen said I could only share it so long as I Photoshopped a horse head over her face.

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Pie Day + Sale!

pie dress/Pushing Daisies necklace/Bass oxfords/Kate Spade purse/cardigan

As you may know the square root of π = 3.14, making the 14th of March Pie Day! Or Pi Day. I prefer the former because it involves the kind of pie you can eat and not numbers.

I’m an English major. You do the math.

For some reason the square root of π is one of the only things I remember from my high school math class. The F.O.I.L. method? Couldn’t tell ya, I don’t remember what the hell that thing is. But pi? 3.14 is the square root and that’s all I know. Anyhow, I put together a little outfit that I thought would be super appropriate to celebrate the day in. I mean, can that dress by ModCloth be anymore perfect? Nope. It can’t. And I also added my Ned the Pie Maker necklace from my Etsy store, Le Fancy Geek Boutique, to the ensemble because… well, pie. Duh.

And speaking Le Fancy Geek Boutique, there’s a great sale going on right now!

From now until Sunday, you can save $3.14 on your order (see what I did there?)! Just use the code “PIEDAY14” when you checkout. 😀

thor necklace_

Thor has absolutely nothing to do with pies, but you can pick up this necklace along with Ned the Pie Maker and many other designs during the sale 😀

Hope you ponies have a spectacular Pie Day!


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New Merch & Sale on Le Fancy Geek Boutique!

le fancy geek boutique

Hey my little ponies!

I just added seven new designs to Le Fancy Geek Boutique! Designs include Ned the Pie Maker from Pushing Daisies, Admiral Ackbar and Padme Amidala (Star Wars), Liz Lemon (30 Rock), Joan Holloway/Harris (Mad Men), Lady Mary (Downton Abbey), and Captain America.

And with Valentine’s Day around the corner I decided to throw in a little coupon code so you can all save 10% on your purchase. Just use type in “valentine14” during checkout!

Since the sale is kind of short notice (mah bad), the coupon will expire next Sunday on the 16th. 😀



Indiana Jones and Harry Potter necklaces with oval pendants are also going to be added to the shop this week too along with a brand new Sherlock design on a bigger pendant! Be sure to follow me on Etsy and subscribe to Le Fancy Geek (see sidebar for different options) for shop updates 😀

And if you don’t see any of your favorite characters in my shop, just message me and we can work on a custom order.



Kidecals Discount for Le Fancy Geek Readers!

Hey ponies, awesome news!

If you dug the keycals by Kidecals that I reviewed earlier this week, you’re in luck. You can receive 15% off your entire Kidecals order by using the code “fancygeek” at checkout! The code is good until the 28th of February, so you all have plenty of time to find some goodies that you’d like to pick up. Other than keycals, Kidecals also offers really cute custom labels and canning labels (if you’re into DIYing things that belong in pretty mason jars), luggage tags, etc. Be sure to peruse their site!

Here are some of my favorites:

“No Soliciting” label ($6) to keep by your doorbell. You can even customize it! See what I did there? 😉

Thin Name Labels ($21 for mini labels) to stick on your electronics and whatnot. This would be super helpful for my iPad/iPhone chargers.

Small set of Star Trek keycals ($7). I’m not a super huge Star Trek fan (I’ve been meaning to look into it past the two new movies that came out and I was given a whole set of bootlegs by my former co-worker Julia), but I love the fact that Kidecals has these, and I know some of you ponies are Trekkies 🙂

Pinterest sticker ($6). I’m obsessed with Pinterest so this is applicable. And I just got a text from my sister saying she blew up my feed with a bunch of pins she sent to me, so maybe I should consider picking this up for her. Haha!

Nebula keycals ($16). I dig this because it reminds me of Doctor Who and my favorite dress from ModCloth. 😀

Happy shopping, my little ponies!


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Kidecals Review

Hey my little ponies!

I was contacted by Kidecals to review any one of their products and I jumped at the opportunity once I saw that they have keycals — fancy decals to put on your keyboard (for Mac users, sorry PC folks). I’ve been eyeballing different kinds of decals similar to Kidecals’ on Etsy for my laptop since I’m growing tired of the plainness of the black ones that were manufactured onto mine — plus little oily marks were starting to show up from the natural oils from my fingertips. ¡No bueno!

There are about 40 different designs, but I opted to go with the Pretty Peonies because:

  1. It’s pretty.
  2. Peonies are easily in my top 5 favorite flowers.
  3. There’s no third reason, it just seemed odd to start listing things and only have two reasons.

Applying them took about 5-10 minutes with no difficulty whatsoever. Typing with them doesn’t really feel any different, and they most definitely make my laptop look much cleaner than before! I only have a couple of gripes with them, and they’re not really that big of a deal. But the decals for the very top keys don’t say F1, F2, F3, etc. I don’t use those keys all that much, but when I do I like being able to see what’s what. And there are also a few keys where the letter is hard to make out since it’s white type on top of a white image. I don’t mind this bit a whole lot since I know which key is which and don’t really need to glance down to see what letter is where, but there might still be some out there that still need to take a looksie, so it might not be completely ideal for them.

Overall, I’m really quite pleased with the keycals. I have a wireless keyboard for my iPad too, so I definitely want to look into picking up another set. My other favorite designs are Nebula  and Light Woodgrain. Each set of keycals are $16 and includes free shipping. And if you join the Kidecals newsletter, you’ll receive 15% off your first purchase 😀

Be sure to check out their site for other fun things like name labels, wall decals, stickers (I also picked up one that says “I Speak Geek”), and tons of other things!


FTC disclosure: Kidecals gave me a voucher in order to pick which product of theirs I wanted to review. All opinions stated are my own.

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A Year of Remixes

Hey my little ponies! I hope the New Year has been treating you all well so far. We’re 8 days into it already, can you believe it? O__O

I’m aware that many people make resolutions at the start of each year, myself included, and sometimes we break them. *raises hand* My goals for the year are to do things to better myself — be more active (I walk/jogged for 2 miles at the gym yesterday… ugh), and read and write more (I’ve been journaling quite a bit since last month) — maybe even do something that scares me. What that is, I’m not sure yet. But I think I’m off to fairly decent start.

My friends Jennifer and Shanice told me that they made a resolution to not buy any new clothing including shoes AT ALL this year except for bras and undies, and also thrifted items if they’re $7 and under. So they asked if I’d like to get in on it too. Being a fashion blogger I thought, “What will this mean for my blog? What about outfit posts? And wish lists?” And then I remembered I hardly posted any last year and I have a closet full of pretty dresses you’ve all yet to see! And wish lists posts are just that — wishes. It doesn’t mean I’m going to get anything I put on them. And this is going to be good for my wallet because I spent way too much on clothes last year. I don’t even wanna think about how much money I could’ve saved!

This’ll be a quite a challenge because I often found solace in shopping, but I can focus all that energy into things that will make me better.

Have any of you made any resolutions this year?