Hello! Hello! Hello!

Mic check, mic check… hello? Oh, hey! Hi! I’m still alive, y’all!

Last time I checked in on here was on the blog’s 6th anniversary back in May. Yikes!  And soooo much has happened since then… like Force Friday II!

As for the other stuff, here’s a recap: I left my job as a reading tutor back in April after I was promoted as a contract worker at my current job at a fashion start-up called WISHI. Remember when I went to dog grooming school last year ’cause I thought I was going to be a dog groomer? Haha! Anyway, I’ve been consumed with work ever since — especially since I was promoted to full time back in June. I went from unpaid intern –> paid intern –> contract worker –> full time employee. I’m proud of myself for having come so far, but I’ve lost track of my passions: reading and writing. I don’t read and write as much as I ought to, but I’ve made it a priority to work it in my schedule (mainly during my commute on BART). I think it’s about damn time to get blogging back in there too.

I felt slightly disconnected with Le Fancy Geek for a bit too, so I didn’t try to rush back in. A lot of the content was starting to feel shallow and very materialistic to me, which is why I refrained for so long. Since I make it a point to be honest here I will say this: I am very materialistic. I love things! I can’t help it. Like Tom Haverford once said, “Love fades away, but things… things are forever.”

Clothes? Books? Toys? Gimme, gimme, gimme!

A shift needed to be made though. Of course I’m still going to be doing outfit posts and still talk about geek fashion on here, and books and movies every now and then, but I want to start involving the geeky fashion/lifestyle community more so. I want to feature small geek businesses that I love and have supported throughout the years, and new ones too! And also feature the amazing bloggers I’ve met along the way too (both online and IRL). I’ve talked about mental health on here as well and have shared some very personal posts, so I will continue to write those as well. I’d also like to discuss topics that are important to me, like finding representation in pop culture and why it’s important.

I hope you’ll stick around as I switch things up!


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