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Nerdy 30 Birthday Wish List

nerdy geeky birthday wish list star wars her universe funko harry potter

Star Wars leggings | Star Wars: Aftermath | The Force Awakens novelization
Admiral Ackbar pin | Dumbledore Funko Pop! figure | Hufflepuff HP book set
Spider-Gwen v.0 | Ms. Marvel v.4 | Silk v.0 | Her Universe Loki pullover

My 30th birthday is in 2 days! AAAHHHH!!! Some people call it the “dirty 30.” Others call it the “flirty 30.” Since I am neither (well, maybe more dirty than flirty regarding my sense of humor), I am calling this birthday my “nerdy 30” because it makes so much more sense. And I’ll be at Disneyland to celebrate, because what better place to kick off 30th anniversary of life? 🙂

I threw a little birthday wish list together and as you can see, all I want are Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry Potter things (mainly books)! I’m not expecting to get any of these things, but y’know… it’s just a wish list.

Who else has a birthday in January that’s coming up or has passed? Lemme know what’s on your wish list or what you’ve gotten for your birthday in the comments section!


7 thoughts on “Nerdy 30 Birthday Wish List

  1. Happy Birthday, Nina! Those Star Wars leggings are stunning! And other than Silk I need all of your graphic novel wants. Actually, the only reason I didn’t include Silk is because I’m not familiar. Can you give me the elevator pitch?


    1. Thank you, Mariko! I’m not completely familiar with Silk, but my sister’s a huge fan. All I really know is that she’s part of the Spider-Man multiverse, bitten by a radio active spider, and is an Asian superhero — that’s enough to make me want to read her comics. 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday! I love everything on this list 🙂 I just got the Dumbledore Funko Pop and he’s just perfect in person.


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