So This is the New Year (So Far)

your e card new year's resolution

Well, we’re 8 days into the New Year and I think I’ve neglected my blog for just a wee bit too long. So here I am!

I’ve noticed that some of my bloggy friends have been writing up blog posts with one word they want to define the year for them, which sounded fun until I tried to think of what word I’d like to help define my year ahead. Obviously, I’ve come up short because I didn’t Photoshop a fun graphic with a word — which is really disappointing because I was looking forward to that — and I’m not talking about one specific word. Otherwise I would’ve brought it up by now. So here’s a Your E-Card pic instead.

I feel like picking a word is heading into the New Year-New Me/New Year’s resolution territory. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, if that sounds like where I’m heading with this.

When I got my haircut on Tuesday my stylist asked me if I had made any resolutions for the New Year and I said, “No. I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment” while she massaged some sort of vegan crystal thing onto my scalp to help stop it from being so flaky. But this isn’t quite true because I know that there are some things I’d like to better myself at. For one thing, I spend money like I have an endless supply of gold like Scrooge McDuck that I can swim laps in, but I don’t. I am a raging shopaholic. My mom pointed this out to me and said I need to log my expenses. I want to be more cautious of what I eat too, and I was pretty good about it for a majority of 2015, but I helped myself to extra potatoes and a waffle yesterday.

Maybe my word should be “adulting” because it sounds better than “responsible”…?

I think the fact that I’m turning 30 this coming Tuesday is bringing up all sorts of anxieties and fears that I’ve been keeping at bay, but they’re making their presence well known as Tuesday looms closer.

At the same time I kind of just want to say, “FUCK IT!” and live in the moment and not put all this random pressure on myself and have resolutions. Can I just take it one day at a time? Can I just have “life goals” instead and not resolve to get it all done in 366 days (because 2016 is a leap year)? Or is that only something you can do when you’re in your early 20s? If that’s the case, my aunt said that 50 is the new 30 so technically I’m only 10, therefore I will go ahead and resume with my “life goals.” 🙂


5 thoughts on “So This is the New Year (So Far)

  1. Life goals is totally fine, and you should definitely just say “fuck it.” I found the further I get into my thirties, the less I care. I still make resolutions, but they’re more like guidelines for how I’d like to live than hard and fast rules.


  2. Nothing at all wrong with life goals 🙂 I suck so bad at resolutions so decided to give a word a try this year. I do see how it can become goal-like though, I just gotta remember my reasons for my word to make it a never ending process and not just something I stop on December 31.


  3. It can be so hard to think up resolutions, particularly if you aren’t sure what you want to achieve or feel pressured to add certain things to the list. I decided not to make resolutions last year because I was starting a new job in January and I thought that was more than enough to focus on without heaping a pile of other stuff onto my plate.

    I like making resolutions, but I do my best to make it achievable. And if that’s not your thing? That’s cool. You get to write your own rulebook.


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