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Where I’ve Been

As some of you may know, I’m also a fashion writer for Wear Your Voice Mag! I started a series called Fashion Faux Pas for the 30-Something where I feature a so-called faux pas and show how you can still rock it even if you’re 30 and over… or in my case, about to be 30! In my latest one I wrote about something near and dear to my to me: My Little Pony! Can you believe some people don’t approve of grown ass women (and men) owning MLP swag?! Check out the article here.

And here’s a list of some of the other articles I’ve done over the last few months that I totally forgot to share here:

Adopting the “Who Gives a F*ck” Attitude for a Body Positive Vacation (in which I write about how to stay positive about your self image whilst on vacation)
Comic-Con Fashionista Creates Her Own Rules (interview with Amanda Jean in which we talk about where she gets her style inspiration from )
Modern Pinup and Rockabilly Fashion at Tatyana (a review on Tatyana’s SF location)
A Cultural Invasion Hits Urban Stitch Boutique (independent designers from the UK featured in a Bay Area boutique)
Bay Area Ladies Brunch it Up With Geeky Flair (the inaugural Bay Area Geek Girl Brunch!)
Style Profile: Adriana Green of Trig & Polished (in which I interview fashion blogger Adriana Green about her personal style and where she seeks inspiration)


8 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. Awesome dress. And I love your piece about vacation dressing. I definitely had similar moments when we went to Mexico last winter.


    1. Thanks for reading that article, Mariko! I wasn’t happy about writing it at first because my editor pitched the idea to me and the thought of me taking pics in my bathing to put on the internet just freaked me out D: But it all turned out okay in the end.


  2. I am 34 and still drink out of a MLP cup – this dress is ADORABLE. Love the topic of your column – I absolutely hate all the silly constraints people feel they need to impose on fashion just because you hit a certain age.


  3. That dress is awesome! I just turned 30 and recently discovered lots of new fandom loves and worry people will give me crap for my age + fan related clothing. Definitely need to read through all of your articles now!


    1. Thanks, Danielle!! I’m gonna be 30 in January. Don’t even worry about what other people will think of all your fan related clothing! They’re just jelly ’cause they’re not bold like we are 😀


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