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Comic-Con Hangover

I set my alarm for 5am this morning so I could finish packing all my things for my flight back home tonight, and do a write up of the Her Universe show for Wear Your Voice Mag, but my body was like, “OH HELL NAH, GIRL. SLOW THE FUCK DOWN.” And OH HELL NAH indeed. My head felt as if Iron Man was inside the Hulk Buster suit brawling with the Hulk, and the rest of my body felt like it got the 100 hand-slap treatment by E. Honda, and topped off with a Care Bear stare.

Comic-Con, why do you hurt me so much???


Besides the physical pain I’m in, I had so much fun this year! I was extremely anxious with all the social gatherings I decided to go since I’m super introverted and socially awkward (unless I’m with people I know), but when I met Travis, Gwen, Gladys, Joie, Megan, Mia, and Liz, they were all so fantastic and welcoming. Thanks for making this year’s con so awesome! I miss you guys. 😦 #superfunfetti #staydumb

I’m still recuperating, but I’ll be putting up some posts throughout the week about my geeky adventures from SDCC, and I’ll let you all know when my Her Universe article goes up on Wear Your Voice Mag. This is just one of those hey-I’m-still-alive-I’m-totally-not-dead kind of posts. Stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “Comic-Con Hangover

    1. Oh God, I was sooo dead when I went back to work this morning. I stood in front of the door and pointed at it when my friend and I went on our break and told her to open it. x__x


  1. So. Much. FUN!!!!
    It was great to meet you, and #SuperFunfetti forever!
    And I feel you on the Comic Con Hangover! It’s so much and until I know I have badges for next year…I’m in a bit of turmoil lol!


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