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Wear Your Voice Mag


Happy Monday, my little ponies!

I’m all kinds of excited to share with you that an article I wrote for a really amazing online publication called Wear Your Voice Mag just got published today! It’s about supposed fashion faux pas women over 30 shouldn’t wear anymore, but the tone of the article pretty much says “fuck that, I do what I want.” I’m hoping to make it a regular series as I focus on different faux pas. For this one I wrote about graphic t-shirts.

You can check it out here.


7 thoughts on “Wear Your Voice Mag

  1. Funny enough, I packed up a good bit of my t-shirts a few years ago when I said “Eh, these are too reminiscent of high school.” They’ve since come back out and finding new ways to dress them up is fun! I’ll always love my t-shirts at heart 🙂 Great article!


  2. Ironically, my boss who is almost 50 just started to become a graphic tee wearer and I have been slowly cultivating them out of my wardrobe as I reached 30. However, I totally still wear them, but I am definitely more selective of my graphic tees these days.


    1. Better to start now than never! That’s so awesome that you’re boss is rockin’ graphic tees now 🙂 I’m selective in choosing my tees too. I gravitate towards geeky ones (for obvious reasons).


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