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Staying Up All Night Makes Me Grumpy

When I found out that Disneyland was going to have another 24-hour event I thought I MUST GO! I missed out on their past ones, and even though my sister told me it’s extremely exhausting (she went to the very first one) I still wanted to go. Disneyland for an ENTIRE day? Yaaaasss pleeeeaaasse!

I thought I would be okay because I figured I could always take a power nap on the train that goes around Disneyland (which I have totally done before), but I soon found that I was way in over my head. We (my sister, her boyfriend, and myself) went to the park around 10:30-11 on Thursday night to guarantee that we’d get into the park when it opened at 6am on Friday morning and that we’d also get whatever commemorative gift they were giving out to the first 2,000 people in line (spoiler alert: they were Mickey ears). There were soooo many people lined up already! People even had tents set up, which I found totally bizarre and practical at the same time. I managed to get a little bit of sleep while we waited out in the esplanade. I’m not entirely sure how much time, but I definitely know it wasn’t enough.

This picture really doesn’t show how ridiculous the line was.

We got into Disneyland around 4:30ish-5, and our main objective was to get a locker. I’m dumb and just brought my purse and a tote bag with an extra change of clothes because I didn’t want to wear pants all day long (blegh!), so once I was actually inside Disneyland I made a beeline for the lockers. As I was walking I noticed that a line had already started and the end of it was all the way by end of the right side of Main Street. I assumed it was for Starbucks. It ended up being for the locker area. :/

Sooo… if you ever decide to do one of these things, bring a backpack because HOLY F*CKING SH!T.

Standing in the crowd in the middle of Main Street, I thought What fresh hell did I get myself into? 

I love Disneyland almost more than anything, you all know this. But this was crazy! I was okay for a while since we managed to hit Indiana Jones, get fast passes for The Haunted Mansion (which we didn’t even get to go on), and eat breakfast all within an hour (I have never been in a line so long to get food), and was pretty much pumped because I was at Disneyland! I even saw that Thumper was still at the Springtime Round Up while we were on the train. But once we got there he was nowhere to be found! I looked at all the characters — Roger Rabbit, Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, and Pluto with bunny ears — and exclaimed “it’s the same as last time!” and proceeded to stomp my foot on the floor and throw my head back in frustration. What woman in their late 20s does that?!

A sleep deprived one that suffers from Peter Pan syndrome…  that’s what kind of woman.

Around 4:30 sleep deprivation took us as her prisoner and by 6 (because we needed funnel cake) we were heading back to the hotel. So we obviously didn’t make it all the way through, which was a bummer because a lot of the things we wanted to do happened to be at night, but even though I was exhausted and cantankerous I’m still glad I went!

I’ll be back with more of my Disneyland adventure this week. Stay tuned!



6 thoughts on “Staying Up All Night Makes Me Grumpy

  1. That was so epic. I can’t believe you lined up that early and how crowded it was. Do you think you’d ever go again? Was it worth it?


    1. Oh, dude. I don’t think so! It was really exhausting. Then again my sister and her boyfriend said they’d never do again, yet they did! So who knows? If I do, at least I’ll be better prepared. And I do think it was worth it! 🙂


  2. “What woman in their late 20s does that?! A sleep deprived one that suffers from Peter Pan syndrome… that’s what kind of woman.” Completely relate-able! At least it’s good to know what it’s like if you ever decide to go again! You’re so photogenic that I can’t even tell that you’re grumpy or tired in these pics. Well, except with Jabba! lol


    1. Haha! Thanks, Kelsey. There’s an old picture of my sister and I from a trip to Vegas where we were both irritated and just not having it, but we both looked so happy in it. 😀


  3. You are so much stronger than I am. When my friends go to Disney, they leave the hotel the minute to enter the park the minute it opens and stay at the park until it closes. I was NOT cut out for it. Probably why my friends call me grandma.
    Any perks besides more Disney time?


    1. That is HARDCORE! I used to be like that, but then on a trip 4 years ago I realized that I do, in fact, need to go back to the hotel and take a nap. Some of the perks of the 24 hour day was some special merchandise being sold, and there were some special foods being served specifically for the event, like a mocha chocolate funnel cake! They also played The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Mary Poppins, but I missed out on those (also opportune time to take a nap!) because they didn’t play the movies until late in the evening well after I had left.


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