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Geeking Out On the Runway

When I first started Le Fancy Geek a few years ago it was really hard for me to find other bloggers who liked incorporating their fandoms into their wardrobe like I do, but in more recent years geeky fashionistas have come out in full force (and some of them just so happen to be bloggers too)! Thanks to lines like Her Universe, We Love Fine, Junk Food Clothing, and stores like Hot Topic, us fangirls no longer have to go to the men’s section to shop for geeky attire. Even geeks on the high end spectrum are being catered to as Rodarte debuted a Star Wars inspired line for their Fall collection last year.

To celebrate the awesomeness that is geek fashion, Dina Kampmeyer founded Geek Fashion Week which took place last week with events in Los Angeles, and a few online activities for those who wouldn’t be able to come out and celebrate in person such as a Her Universe styling contest.

I was able to head down for Geek Fashion Week’s Style Faire and Fashion Show which featured the geektabulous fashions of Castle Corsetry, Girl With One Eye Fashion, and Gold Bubble Clothing. I snapped as many pictures as I could to share with all you ponies!

Castle Corsetry:

These geeky corsets are designed and made by Lauren Bregman (pictured below in the middle), and proof that corsets can totally be functional as sexy outerwear. Her designs cover fandoms from Marvel comics, Batman, Star Wars, Monster High, Star Trek, My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and much more!

My camera couldn’t keep up with some of the models, so I’m unable to share a whole lot of Castle Corsetry’s runway pieces. Sorry! 😦

Girl With One Eye Fashion:

Kimberly, the designer behind Girl With One Eye Fashion (pictured below in the green dress and blue hair), fuses sweet Lolita styles with geek chic and retro flair. Her collection included pieces inspired by Attack On Titan, Hello Kitty, Marvel comics, and H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu.

Gold Bubble Clothing:

Designed by Jinyo and Victoria Schmidt (pictured below rocking fab Princess Leia buns), Gold Bubble Clothing’s nylon skirts, dresses, tops, and leggings cover pretty much every fandom out there — from gaming, TV, movies, table top games, and even Pi Day — they’ve got you covered.

Which pieces are your favorites? I’m totally digging Gold Bubble Clothing’s Thorin Oakenshield and Elsa inspired dresses! But I ended up ordering their Sherlock “Bored” a-line dress after the show because I’ve been wanting it since I first laid eyes on it last year. 🙂

Stay tuned for the next post which will feature some of the awesome vendors I met at the Style Faire and their geeky wares!


7 thoughts on “Geeking Out On the Runway

  1. I have been looking forward to this post ever since you said that you were going! I am so happy that geek girl fashion has a bigger community now, and everyone looks good in it! Castle Corsetry and Gold Bubble Clothing are two that I’ve known about for a while, but I just recently heard about Girl With One Eye Fashion, and now I really need to check out her work! The R2-D2 tutu dress and the Thorin Oakenshield scale mail dress are my favorites! I am so happy to be a part of this community, even if it’s just watching from the sidelines 🙂


    1. I’m so glad that the geek girl fashion community has grown too! You should check out 1138 Clothing too. They weren’t at the show, but I saw them at Whimsic Alley’s Geek Faire. Such cute stuff!


    1. The R2 corset was sooo amazing! Annd, I think I may have seen you. Were you wearing a Cinderella dress? If so, I really wanted to tell you how cute you looked, but it was so loud and I didn’t want to yell at you D:


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