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5 Fandom Friday: New Years Blogging Resolutions



Happy Holidays my little ponies!!! If you happen to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa (that started today, I think) I hope you had a wonderful time with the ones you love! And if you don’t celebrate, I hope you found something fun to do ūüėÄ My family and I celebrated on Christmas Eve at my cousin’s house and on Christmas morning we all wore our Kigurumis (hella adorable¬†onesies in case you don’t know what I’m talking about), ate waffles, opened presents, and then watched Into the Woods. ūüėÄ

I missed last week’s 5 Fandom Friday post which was to supposed to be about¬†my favorite Christmas movies. I’ll quickly share my favorites here and then get onto this week’s theme of blogging resolutions!

  1. A Christmas Story (I mean, duh)
  2. Love, Actually
  3. Home Alone (1 & 2)
  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas (I love how this is a twofer for Halloween & Christmas!)
  5. Gremlins

Okay, so… blogging resolutions. Most of my blogging resolutions have more to do with making certain types of posts more often. Or just write more content on my blog in general I suppose.

1. Make more outfit posts

The reason why I started this blog was to record all my cute geek (and not so geeky) inspired outfits. Plus I was feeling really good about the way I looked when I first started out because I had lost like 50 lbs or something like that, and then I fell in love and gained it all back. Then I had my heart ripped out Temple of Doom style and gained mad bouts of stress acne on top of all that! So yeah… I haven’t been feeling all that great about myself lately. But¬†I do recall how at¬†beginning of the¬†year I wrote about how I would probably be doing a lot of remix outfit posts because my friends came up with this wacky idea to limit the amount the money we spend on clothing and accessories — something like only spending $7 or less on an article of clothing.

And you know what? I did really¬†well for the first two and a half months, but then Portland happened. We were like, “TREAT YO SELF TWO THOUSAND FOURTEEEEN. PORTLAND EDITION!” And then New York happened. And Los Angeles. And San Diego Comic-Con International. So I basically just said, “f*ck it.”

But um… yeah. The point is, whether it’s remixed or not, or¬†whether I’m full of acne and feeling bloated, I want to be able to chronicle more outfits!

2. Write book and movie reviews more often

I love books. I love movies. They’re two¬†things related to geekdom and I’ve written about books and movies I’ve read/watched in the past and how I liked or didn’t like them.

3. Come up with more topical posts

I feel like I need to write a bit more about the things I geek about on my blog such as things I collect, or toys that are coming out that I’m geeking over like crazy.

4. Write more about the geek art I love

I don’t even remember when, but I started a series called Curator’s Corner where I would talk about an artist whose work I really liked. I did about 4 posts probably, and then just stopped for no good reason. Whenever I go to conventions, Artist Alley is always my favorite part to walk around because that’s where I get to see all kinds of great art! I met Katie Cook at WonderCon ages ago and now she’s an effing rock star — there’s always a ridiculous line to get a custom piece done by her at SDCC. And she writes the official My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic books! I feel like I’m digressing. Anyway, the point is I want to start Curator’s Corner back up.

5. Comment on other blogs more

I try my best to write comments on other blogs, particularly with bloggers who I like to thing of as my “bloggy friends” or “bloggy homies.” But sometimes I just can’t think of anything to say, or sometimes I say a whole lot and then hit send, but then something weird happens and then my whole comment vanishes! D:

Do any of ¬†you have resolutions you’d like to make for your blog?


To find out the origins of 5 Fandom Friday, go here. And check out The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick to get caught up with the latest prompts! 


4 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: New Years Blogging Resolutions

  1. I am really looking forward to seeing more of your outfits. I know that when I’m feeling down on the way I look, I never feel like doing outfit posts, but sometimes I think that’s when you need to do them the most. Photographing my outfits and sharing them gives me a big boost and I like showing less than perfect photos to make other people feel better if they’re struggling with acne or if their thighs are dimply or what-have-you.


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