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5 Fandom Friday: Presents I Want Santa To Bring Me


Today’s 5 Fandom Friday post is about presents we’d love for Santa to bring us. I can think of a bevy of clothing items, books, toys, and whosits and whatsits galore that I want for Christmas, but there is really only one thing I truly, truly, TRULY want.

What I really want Santa to bring me on Christmas day is… A NEW CAR!


Or a slightly used one that’s still fairly new. Whatever. As long as it works!

I currently drive a silver 2002 Corolla that I named Amy (full name Amy Good Corolla like that gorilla in Congo), and as good as she runs, she is falling apart. My sister originally got her when we were in high school, but she has since been passed down to me. Someone tried breaking into her a few months ago and completely jacked up the driver’s side door from the inside. My dad had it fixed, but the person didn’t do a very good job and the handle became very loose. I’d always have to be careful whenever I opened it. And then my dad broke it with his Hulk-like strength! Now I have to roll my window down and open it from the outside in order to get out. As if living in Stockton didn’t make me feel ghetto enough, this only intensified it! The CD player also decides if it wants to actually play music, or stop all together and switch to the radio. It’s so creepy when that happens!

So really, all I want for Santa to bring me is a new car! I also can’t open the trunk anymore, and I think the guy who fixed the car took out the seat belts in the back, so I can’t even have more than one passenger in my car at all times.

PLEASE, SANTA! I just want a car that looks nice in gun metal or TARDIS blue, but isn’t flashy, has good mileage, and isn’t a gas guzzler. PLEASE!!!! I like Fiats like the adorable mint green one pictured above, but a Corolla or a Camry might be more fitting.

What presents are you hoping to get from Santa this year?


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