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National Snow White Week

A few days ago on Instagram I found out that it’s National Snow White Week! For someone who claims that Snow White is their favorite princess, I feel like I should’ve already known that that was a thing. Oh well. I’ll be more prepared for next year!

Usually when people find fashion inspiration from the fair princess, they pull from her classic red-blue-yellow combo that Disney made so iconic and synonymous with Snow White. For this outfit, I started with my rose gold Snow White locket that I got from the Walt Disney Family Museum to guide me for a different color palette. With it’s green gems, I thought incorporating pink would be perfect because green and pink is one of the best color combinations (in my opinion, anyway because it reminds me of flowers!). Plus I’ve seen other iterations of Snow White where she wears pink, so why not? I dug through my closet and found this white dress with a pink floral print that I got from Target ages ago and paired them with my old forest green cardigan and hot pink Bass saddle shoes. I found the shoes at the Bass outlet earlier this year and I had to have them! Anyway, for the rest of my accessories I threw in a faux pearl pink bracelet and a pink chunky fox ring to represent the forest animals that she befriends.

It may not be so blatantly obvious that this outfit was inspired by Snow White, but I’m quite happy with the subtlety  🙂

Who’s your favorite Disney princess or Disney leading lady? Let me know in the comments!


cardigan: Kirsh // dress: Xhileration (no longer available)
shoes: Bass (buy similar here) // 
necklace: Walt Disney Family Museum
ring: Goodwill find // bracelet: thrifted

4 thoughts on “National Snow White Week

  1. That outfit is superb. I adore the way that you’ve pulled more subtle references to Snow White together to create a look that is too gorgeous for words.
    For years my favourite princess was Belle. But in recent years she’s been booted off the top spot by Merida from Brave.


    1. Thanks, Vanessa! Belle is one of my favorites too — I think she’s the princess I identify with the most, but Merida is pretty awesome too. The mother-daughter dynamic and clash of cultural beliefs in Brave hit a bit close to home.


  2. Get outta here with those adorable oxfords! I love them! I’d usually say without a doubt that Ariel is my favorite princess but now I’d have to go with Belle. That’s actually my daughter’s middle name and she’s dressing as her for Halloween. I just hope she likes Belle as much as I do, haha!


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